Before we dive into the best and cheaper Solo Ads alternative for affiliate marketing, let’s take a look at what a Solo ad is.

Read all through this blog as I am going to reveal the best and most affordable Solo Ad alternative that is just $1 a day for every 100 emails! Yes, you read it right, you pay a dollar for every 100 email lists you get daily.

What are solo ads?

Solo ads are an email-based type of advertisement that email list owners are selling to people who want to advertise their business or products. This type of advertisement is popular for affiliate marketers who want to promote specific products, courses, and the like in different niches. It is also referred to as cold traffic since these people in the email lists are not familiar or maybe have heard a little of what you are promoting.

So how do solo ads work? First, the advertisers or business owners want traffic to promote their products, services, or course, then they buy traffic from marketplaces like Udimi, from marketplaces. advertisers will choose which email owner to pay based on their best offers. Some solo ads are cheap, some are costly because it all depends on your niche and the tiers where traffic is coming from.

Tier 1 countries (which include the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand) are obviously more expensive than traffic coming from tier 2 and tier 3 countries.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, then you can read my previous blog here.

So why do affiliate marketers choose email marketing as their way of promotion?

As most successful affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs always say that there is money on the email list. Retargeting purposes, and way cheaper than other forms of advertisements. Depending on your niche, some works best on email promotions, some are better on video promotions, and the like.

Since you are here for a better and cheaper Solo Ads alternative for affiliate marketing, then I want to introduce you to the mailing system that I am using, and is effective, especially in affiliate marketing the make money online niche.

In this mailing system, you do not even need an autoresponder as this system comes with its very own mailing system that sends an email to your mailing list with just a few clicks.

Let me introduce you to MY LEAD GEN SECRETS.

What is MLGS?

My Lead Gen Secrets costs $30 and it gives you 100 leads per day, that is $1 dollar a day for 100 leads! and you get to keep that leads in your dashboard and email your leads daily, weekly, or depending on your promotional tactics.

The great news I have mentioned earlier is that you do not need an autoresponder that saves you a lot of money if you are using an autoresponder subscription. Plus, My lead Gen secrets mailing system has a high CTR (Click through Rate) percentage if you know how to write emails that appeal to your audience.

Inside the MLGS dashboard, you will have the mailing system, statistics (Yes, they have their own tracking system), an affiliate board (Once you subscribe to MLGS, you automatically have your affiliate link), Email swipes (if you chose to get their own email swipes as an upgrade) and of course, you can access your lists.

You can make money online using MLGS and you can as well be an affiliate, so you are making money both ways.

My Lead Gen Secrets

How does MLGS work?

My lead Gen Secret is an email-based kind of marketing. Once you subscribed, you will get 100 leads daily. You can email your list every 24 hrs. Depending on your email promotion plans and goals, you can email daily, every other day, or weekly, it is all up to you. What is even better is that these leads are all from the US or Tier 1 traffic. So you are getting good leads for your business.

Since this is cold traffic, it will take time to warm up your email list so you should come up with a marketing strategy that converts cold traffic into buyers. As your lists build-up, so is your chance of making a sale.

If you do not have email swipes, then do not worry, because MLGS offers professionally written email swipes that you can avail yourself with an additional cost if you chose to, otherwise, you can create your own email swipes and you are good to go.

MLGS works on any affiliate marketing platform for as long as it is in the making money online niche. You can use My lead Gen Secrets for Clickbank products and other platforms.

Best and cheaper solo ads alternative

Is Lead Generation Legit?

Yes, it is. MLGS has been around the corner for quite some time and is the best and cheaper Solo Ads alternative for affiliate marketing that I can find. Imagine getting 100 leads a day for only a dollar?

You can visit My lead Gen secret here to know more about it.

How much does MLGS cost?

My Lead Gen Secrets monthly cost is $30, but during the first subscription, you will pay an additional $30 set-up cost so a total of $60 (ONLY THE FIRST SUBSCRIPTION), next will be $30 monthly, giving you like $1 for every hundred leads you get. NO BRAINER!

Do My Lead Gen Secrets work in every niche?

No. MLGS leads best works for affiliate marketers or advertisers in the make-money niche. That’s it. Because these people on the mailing lists are interested in this specific type of niche. So you should take note of that.

If you are an affiliate marketer or an advertiser looking for the best and cheaper traffic on the make-money niche, then MLGS is recommended to you.

But you can also be an affiliate of My lead Gen secret if you want.

So let us summarize My Lead Gen Secrets (MLGS)


  • Cheaper than Solo Ads
  • You do NOT need an autoresponder (They have their own mailing system)
  • The list is yours, It is on your dashboard
  • Traffic is from Tier 1 (United States)
  • Best for making money online niche
  • Video Trainings provided
  • You can have multiple accounts and chain your other accounts under each account.


  • NOT applicable for other niches like health and fitness, dating, etc.
  • You can only email every after 24 hours.

Is MLGS for you?

If you are an affiliate marketer or entrepreneur who is in another niche other than the making money online niche, then My lead Gen secrets are Not for you, unless you want only to be an affiliate and promote My Lead Gen Secrets in your daily lists.

If you want to scale on ads, then MLGS is not for you. You cannot scale email marketing promotions as compared to other paid ads like Facebook, YouTube ads, and the like.

If you do not have the patience to wait for results as your email lists build up, then MLGS is not for you.

You can check My lead Gen secrets here for more information.


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