In this blog post, I will review Clickfunnels, Clickfunnels features, Clickfunnels paid plan, Clickfunnels affiliate program, and many more.

Also, I am going to walk you through this must-have useful software for entrepreneurs that I am personally using and that many people are using to grow their online business income. Learn why Clickfunnels is the online marketing must-have tool for every entrepreneurs.

If you don’t have a Clickfunnels then get your 14-day free trial here. If you are new to Clickfunnels then hang on, I am going to introduce you to this must-have online marketing software and tool that solves many online marketing problems.

Are you trying to make money online? Well, then you might want to try this powerful software to grow your business.

First, what is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a software that lets you build, create, and launch all types of sales funnels and sales pages.

The man behind Clickfunnels is Russell Brunson. Check out my first Clickfunnels article here. Clickfunnels was created by it’s CEO Russell Brunson in 2014. Since then, it continuously grows as the most important online marketing software and tool to use as it solves many online marketing problems. From sales funnels, books, and ebooks to coaching.

Countless successful entrepreneurs and online marketers are using Clcikfunnels to grow their online business. It is a must-have online marketing tool if you want to succeed in the online world.

If you are in the online business world, then you know that converting cold traffic into warm traffic is quite a challenge. You probably know also that getting traffic to your business is difficult, that is where Clickfunnels come into action to solve those various online marketing challenges that we, online marketers are facing.

With Clickfunnels, you can easily create and launch all types of sales funnels and sales pages that you can think of like:

  • opt-in page
  • bridge page (This is a must for your online marketing business ads)
  • squeeze pages
  • One-time-offer funnel (OTO)
  • Webinar funnel
  • Ecommerce funnel, storefront funnel, product funnel
  • high ticket coaching funnel
  • membership funnel
  • survey funnel
  • and many more!

Download your copy of a converting landing page here.

You’re getting everything you need in a nutshell without paying web developers and decoders to build a funnel for you. You do not need to be an expert to use Clickfunnels. 

This software is easy to use, with a little click and drag here and there you will learn how to create your very own sales funnel. Besides, Clickfunnels has a help desk and has a short video clip tutorials to walk you through on how to create a funnel.

How am I using Clickfunnels on my business?

I was randomly introduced to Clickfunnels back in early 2019 when I was browsing my Pinterest profile and a Pinterest pin about how to retire early caught my attention. I then clicked it and it leads me to the DREAM CAR CHALLENGE of Clickfunnels. Check out the dream car challenge here.

Then, I watched the video of Russell Brunson on Clickfunnels. Till then I never regret being a Clickfunnels premium member.

I may not achieve yet the DREAM CAR CHALLENGE but I am working for it. I have a business goal and if I believe I can achieve it, then I can. It’s about positive thoughts and actions that will lead to success!

Fast forward today, I am using Clickfunnels to build sales funnel for my affiliate marketing business.

I went through an awesome training of “How to start an online Business” by Legendary Marketer Dave, and I have incorporated what I have learned on that 15-day online challenge to create my sales funnel with Clickfunnels. Check the 15-day business challenge here, it’s an awesome training by the way!

Through Clickfunnels’ easy customizable funnel templates, I was able to build bridge pages for my affiliate product advertisement. As you may or may not know, you cannot directly drive your traffic to your affiliate product or service, you need to create a bridge page that will bridge your traffic to your offer.

If you don’t want to be banned on advertising platforms like Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, and the like then you must use a bridge page.

You can easily create a bridge page inside Clickfunnels.


Check the photo below and you will have an idea of some of the funnels that you can easily create with Clickfunnels to cater to your business needs and goals.

how to create a sales funnel

clickfunnels sales funnel

Furthermore, since I started email marketing, I am using Clickfunnels to create and launch an opt-in page and lead magnet funnel to grow my email list.

You can download my opt-in lead magnet funnel template here for free.

How to grow your business using sales funnels?

If you’re new to sales funnel, this is one of the best funnel coaching for you to start with.

So how are you going to use sales funnel to grow your online or offline business?

This is how a funnel works.

How to use Clickfunnels

You drive your traffic to the opening of the funnel, as it goes down the narrow path, your traffic will be filtered. Some cold traffic will end up as a buying customer, other traffic will fall into retargeting clients, and so on. I hope you get my point here.

A sales funnel is also a great way to introduce you or your brand to the public. Remember, people will not buy immediately at the first introduction, so a retargeting funnel will be set up to target those who have shown interest in your offer.

There are different funnel stages where your traffic will undergo, so if you know how to build a funnel that converts then you have built a money-making machine funnel.

But don’t worry, Clickfunnels has an easy to use and navigate dashboard, it may seem complicated at first, which I understand, but it will just take few browsing and clicking and you will feel like you have mastered funnel building!

As I have mentioned, a sales funnel will convert cold traffic to warm traffic. This is the best way to sell physical or digital products. or even high ticket coaching services or an awesome Clickfunnel feature is that you can host a webinar with Clickfunnels.

A webinar will do the trick in selling your products, and imagine having an auto webinar funnel that will play every hour round the clock, just imagine how you can earn a passive income with a webinar funnel! Check my earlier blog on how to use Clickfunnels on your business.

That being said, you can add your products or assets inside Clickfunnels and run a storefront funnel or build an e-commerce funnel and you can easily integrate your payment gateway plus you can integrate the autoresponder and other tools and software with Clickfunnels. I have integrated my Getresponse campaign as my autoresponder on my sales funnels.

Other Clickfunnels advance features are as follows:

  • Surveys
  • Countdown Timers
  • SMS Signup
  • Pricing Tables
  • Custom HTML
  • Facebook Comments
  • FAQ sections
  • and many more!

Well, I guess you understand now why I have said that Clcikfunnels is the must-have online marketing tool and software to skyrocket your business traffics and conversions.

6 Best free online marketing tools and training of Clickfunnels. My personal choice.

Clickfunnels is an awesome online marketing must-have tool and software for entrepreneurs as I mentioned earlier and they have quite a several features that I like the most.

I chose these features because they are the features that I found useful when I was starting in my online business and when I was a beginner user of Clickfunnels. Ofcourse, Clickfunnels has a tons of valuable features for entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, these books, pieces of training, and web class are ALL FREE!

Except for the One Funnel away challenge, but you are getting more than what you paid for! and the Lead Funnel swipe is just $7! Just skip your Starbucks coffee and you’ll get 106 converting sales pages that will make you more money in return!

No brainer, these are all must-have online marketing pieces of training that you can have for FREE!


Yes, Clickfunnels has a four video affiliate training program that you can access every day for 4 days. You can upgrade if you want to access other training videos.

2. Free physical book.

Yes, Clickfunnels is giving away physical books, written by Russell Brunson. You just need to pay for the shipping fee and they ship worldwide. Free books list are

Free Clickfunnels book

3. One Funnel Away Challenge

This One Funnel Away Challenge has helped me lay out my business goal. I have created and launched my affiliate marketing business through the coaching, training, and guidance I received from the One funnel away challenge team.

What is One funnel away challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day funnel challenge wherein the top coaches of Clickfunnels will hold you by the hand as you build and create your first funnel. This is a challenge wherein you will learn how to start, create, and launch your online business within 30 days.

OFA (One Funnel Away Challenge applies to any niche and any online business like course creation, email marketing, affiliate marketing, ebook launch, e-commerce business, and the like.

The challenge will cost you $100 but wait, this registration fee of $100 will give you all the materials you will need.

You will get the One funnel away challenge kit which consists of a workbook, book, and mp3, all will be shipped in your door!

Aside from that, the awesome full of knowledge training is priceless!

what is included in one funnel away challenge

one funnel away challenge sign-up

4. Lead Funnel swipe

This is 106 Lead funnel files that you can take and model to create your money-making machine funnel.

This is an awesome collection of funnels like landing pages, thank you pages and bumps that converts

Lead funnels swipes and templates

5. Free Clickfunnels Secret Master Class

This is a FREE Clickfunnels masterclass where you will learn funnel secrets, conversion secrets, and traffic secrets. This is a great masterclass to learn how to make and launch a funnel that sells.

Register for the free Secret Master Class here. 

6. Free Funnel scripts web class

How awesome it is to learn ninja tactics in creating and writing funnel scripts for free!

Learn how to do it right, and know why your funnel is not converting and many more in this free web class.

The above mentioned 6 best Clickfunnels tools and features is more than enough reason to call Clickfunnels as the must-have online marketing tools and software for entrepreneurs.

How to use Clickfunnels software to increase your traffic and sales in your business?

Join hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs Clickfunnel users that are using funnels to showcase their products and services to the public. Entrepreneurs are using this online marketing must-have tool and software to scale thier businesses.

Use Clickfunnels software to do the marketing and talking for you.

With Clickfunnels free online training, web class, and books you can easily accelerate your knowledge and be coached and directed on how to be successful online whatever your niche or business is.

Clickfunnels provides you the tools and strategies you need in one dashboard! Your online marketing tools and strategies need are all provided in one spot from sales funnel creation to conversion.

Imagine having all these tools in your fingertips:
  • Easy to use click and drag editor
  • Easy to edit funnel templates that convert
  • Shopping cart integration that sells!
  • Email marketing and Facebook marketing automation
  • and many awesome features inside Clickfunnels dashboard

Still not convinced? With Clickfunnels you can:

  • Easily generate leads. (Create a landing page that captures your audience contact information). Get the 106 lead funnel files here.
  • Sell your product. (Create a product launch, eCommerce funnel with an upsell or down-sell or just one time offer)
  • Host webinar. (Easily edit the auto webinar funnel templates that convert! No brainer! The auto webinar funnel will play your webinar every hour round the clock!)
  • High ticket coaching. (Do you have a high ticket coaching? Then create a funnel that sells with Clickfunnels easy to customize funnel templates)
  • Membership funnel. (Create your membership registration funnel and collect payment at the same time. Clickfunnels has an easy integration of payment gateway.)
  • Follow-up Funnels. (Retarget your traffic that has shown interest in your offer.) The Clickfunnels Platinum membership lets you connect to your customer with an easy message notification through email, social, text, and desktop.

Clickfunnels Pricing plan: How much does Clickfunnels cost?

Now that you know why you should use Clickfunnels in your business and how to use Clickfunnels to increase traffic, conversion, and sales, then you might be wondering how much does Clickfunnels cost? Is Clickfunnels worth it?

Let me show you the Clickfunnels pricing plan.

Over the years, Clickfunnels has changed their pricing plan. This the Clickfunnels pricing plan now.

1. Clickfunnels Share funnel plan $19 per month

2. Clickfunnels premium plan $97 per month.

2. Clickfunnels Platinum plan is $297 per month.

You can refer to the photo below of what you will get with every Clickfunnels paid plan.

Clickfunnels pricing

Yeah, it’s a hefty price to pay monthly, I understand. I was hesitant too when I was starting my online business. But come to think that in every business, either physical store or online business, you need to invest both time and money.

You need to invest money to make money. If you are a serious online marketer, if you want to start and scale your business, then you will grab this must-have marketing software tool.

What is $97 per month if in exchange, you’ll double or triple your ROI (Return of investment).

How can you save Clickfunnels cost?

Clickfunnels offers discounts and bundles where Clickfunnel users can save or cut the cost of some of its awesome features.

1. Secrets Masterclass Bundle. I have mentioned earlier that the Secret masterclass is free, yes it’s free, but if you choose to upgrade then the upfront fee is $997 plus 6 months Clickfunnels Platinum access for free! plus, access to the One Funnel Away Challenge. This is an awesome deal. It’s like paying for 1 take two for free!

2. Funnel Builder Secrets. In this bundle, if you have the budget, you will pay an upfront cost of $2,997 but you will get the platinum plan for FREE for 12 months!

In addition to the free 12 months platinum, you will also have free access to these awesome pieces of training:

    • Traffic Secrets Membership
    • Funnel Builder Secrets training
    • Funnel Hacks Masterclass
    • Free access to Funnel Scripts for 12 months.

Other Clickfunnels products and pieces of training are up for grabs for free. Like the Traffic Secrets book, DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and many more. Get your free book copies now.

Final Review verdict: Highly recommended.

Now, That I have laid out everything you need to know why you should use Clickfunnels and how to use Clickfunnels to scale your business to the next level I hope you are enlightened on why I have said that this is a must-have online and offline marketing tool and software.

Clickfunnels is a software and tool where you can create all types of sales funnels, landing pages, opt-in pages, bridge pages and many more. Clickfunnels offers a 14-day free trial and then a paid plan afterwards if you decided to continue using Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels has an affiliate program that you can apply. You do not need to be a Clickfunnels user to be an affiliate.

Ready to start and create a funnel money-making machine? Grab your Free Clickfunnels trial here.

Check my Clickfunnels bonus page here. 

Clickfunnels sign-up


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