Update: Jonathan Montoya has just released his new course FREEDOM BREAKTHROUGH 2.0. He has updated The Freedom Breakthrough and has included an affiliate marketing ecosystem. Affiliate marketing ecosystem not only allows you to make money online as an affiliate of one product or service but also lets you create different income streams by allowing you to promote different programs and services that are related and are needed to what you are already promoting. 

—–Check his system on how to quit your job in the coming months using the affiliate marketing ecosystem.—-

You’re here because you’re one of those interested individuals wondering what is Freedom Breakthrough: 3-day Business Breakthrough Challenge by affiliate marketer Jonathan Montoya.

I will discuss below the difference of Freedom Breakthrough and the 3-day Breakthrough Challenge. (Jonathan Montoya has now released Freedom Breakthrough Challenge 2)

I got your back. I am in this 3-day Business breakthrough Challenge so I know what’s inside and I will review Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough course. Read through the entire article so you can make up your mind if you want.

If you’re in a hurry you can check the Freedom Breakthrough here.

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Who is Jonathan Montoya?

Before we will dive in to review the Freedom Breakthrough, we will take a look at who Jonathan Montoya is. Of course, it is proper that you will get to know who the Freedom Breakthrough creator is.

Jonathan Montoya is the man behind the 3-day Business breakthrough Challenge or the Freedom Breakthrough. He is a successful online affiliate marketer and a Youtuber.

Just last year when the pandemic has caused a lot of unemployment, Jonathan was able to quit his 9-5 job. Thanks to affiliate marketing. Through affiliate marketing, he was able to quit his regular job and do a full-time online business. He successfully did a 6 figure income within 9 months, thus he quit his job.

Besides being a successful online marketer, he is also a successful Tiktoker and a Youtuber. So obviously, Tiktok and Youtube are added in his course as traffic sources.

Jonathan Montoya wanted to share his knowledge and expertise in doing online business so he created Freedom breakthrough. The 3-day Business Breakthrough Challenge is an affordable online course and an entry-level to his high-ticket course.

Yes, he has a high ticket course and that is the FREEDOM BREAKTHROUGH but you don’t need to get it if you don’t want to. Get the 3-day Business Breakthrough Challenge and see for yourself the knowledge he pours out in that course, then you can decide to get coached by him in his upsell course.

With just $7 (as of writing, so jump in before it will increase), you will learn his techniques and process in doing a successful affiliate marketing business. If you are wondering what affiliate marketing is, then read my other blog as I have discussed affiliate marketing before.

What is Freedom Breakthrough: 3-day Business Breakthrough Challenge?

The 3-day Business breakthrough Challenge is a budget-friendly online course that will teach you how to do a successful online business using a combination of social media for traffic, a marketing funnel, and e-mail marketing. Don’t worry, the 3-day Business Breakthrough Challenge is a beginner-friendly course.

The Freedom Breakthrough itself is the high ticket course. More details are below.

From the course name itself, it is a 3-day challenge.

With a price of a coffee, you can learn his techniques, plan, and online marketing to start up a successful affiliate marketing business.

You do not need to have your own product, or have you to deal with customer’s service.

You don’t need to be an expert as he will guide you through.

What is inside the Freedom breakthrough 3-day Business Breakthrough Challenge?

Day 1: Business Goals.

Includes the Welcome and introduction to the course. You will also learn his 3-step System on how to make DAILY COMMISSIONS and be able to quit your 9-5 job just like what he did.

Day 1 is a grind already, no time to be wasted because you have to set your goals and there is a workbook and a task to do.

  • Setting actionable steps.
  • Build your online business.
  • Drive unlimited traffic. Check how you can drive unlimited traffic to your business here.

Day 2: Build your online business in 30 minutes.

Watch Jonathan build an online business in 30 minutes and you can follow through. Build together a successful online business.

Sounds overwhelming? Don’t worry because Jonathan will show you affiliate platforms like JV Zoo, Warrior Plus, ShareAsale, Clickbank, and many other platforms to find a product in your chosen niche.

You will learn how to find a profitable product to promote.

Day 2 is where most of the action takes place, from finding a product, funnel building to e-mail marketing. As I have mentioned earlier, day 2 is your business-building challenge.

  • Find a product
  • Build your marketing funnel. Learn more about funnels here.
  • Email marketing sequence and action plan.

You will learn how to build a funnel and how to set up your email sequence, so relax and follow his training. If you are new to all of these funnels and e-mail marketing, then do not worry, he will show you step-by-step on how to create a funnel that converts and an email sequence.

And by the way, you do not need to use the soft wares and tools he is using. If you think Clickfunnels is a hefty monthly price for a beginner like you, then you can use this funnel that is way cheaper but it will do the same purpose.

Learn more about e-mail marketing here and you can read my blog about funnels here.

Day 3: Actionable Plan.

this is the last day of the challenge, so after setting up your business goals, building your business, and launching, then this is the day you learn how to drive traffic to your business.

He will teach you free traffic. With the use of this social media, you can drive unlimited traffic to your business. You will also learn about paid traffic.

Included in the 3-day Business Breakthrough Challenge is a workbook and checklist to follow. So if you need more time, you can always access the course and or read the workbook.

That is the breakdown of the Freedom Business: 3-day Business Breakthrough Challenge.

3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Bonuses are:

Bonus – 6 Figure Affiliate Funnel Get his complete done-for-you business! Copy Jonathan’s exact system for FREE in a few seconds!

Bonus – Viral Video Scripts Get his proven video scripts, which made him go VIRAL!! Just like what I have mentioned above, Jonathan is a Tiktoker.

Bonus – Top Secret Keywords Get the secret keywords that he uses to grow and scale quickly!

Lessons inside the Freedom Breakthrough:

I would like to present all the modules in his high ticket affiliate marketing course called FREEDOM BREAKTHROUGH. Freedom breakthrough is an A-Z affiliate marketing course that you need in order to start your financial freedom journey.

  1. Welcome & Course Intro
  2.  Module 1 – Picking The Perfect Affiliate Niche
  3.  Module 2 – Creating The Affiliate Website Asset
  4.  Module 3 – Featuring Nathan Lucas – Google Seo Mastery (Showing Up At The Top Of Google Search)
  5.  MODULE 4 – The Perfect Affiliate Funnel
  6.  MODULE 5 – Email Marketing Mastery
  8.  MODULE 7 – The King Of FREE Traffic Youtube
  11.  Module 10 – Paid Traffic With Tiktok Ads
  12.  Module 11 – Paid Ads With Facebook
  13.  Module 12 – Launch Jacking

Aside from those jampacked knowledge modules, He also has bonuses.

Freedom Breakthrough Bonuses:

  •  Bonus – Featuring Joshua Ong – High Ticket Sales With Facebook Organic
  •  Bonus – Featuring Alex Branning – How to Structure the Perfect Affiliate Offer
  •  BONUS – How To Get Your Clickfunnels Dream Car – with Paul Mottley
  •  BONUS – MAKE 50% commissions with freedom breakthrough
  • BONUS – Inside The Mind & Businesses of Super Affiliates

These bonuses alone are a must-watch. The knowledge and insights you will learn from top affiliate marketers are priceless.


Jonathan is a real and helpful online business marketer. He is not the person that disappears after he has sold his course. In fact, he is always present in his Facebook group ready to help and answer questions. I know it, as I have said, I am inside the course and his Facebook group.

The 3-day Business Challenge is a highly recommended online course. It is an actionable online course that will guide you on how to set up correctly an online business.

And if you see the knowledge you get from the 3-day Business Breakthrough Challenge, then just imagine every piece of knowledge and expertise you will get from his high ticket course FREEDOM BREAKTHROUGH.

The 3-day Business Challenge is worth investing in. If you are like me and other millions of people who are tired of working 9-5 jobs, then this is for you. Honestly, the Freedom Breakthrough is worth more than the price tag.

Freedom Breakthrough 3-day business challenge will teach you all the basics and advance knowledge in setting up your affiliate marketing business. From goal setting to building a business. You have it all. Plus a priceless bonus lessons you will get from other successful and big names in the online marketing world.

Imagine being guided by a person who successfully decoded the secrets of the online affiliate marketing business.

Imagine setting up your online business, putting in hard work that will bring you passive income in the coming days or months?

If you’re hungry to attain financial freedom, then take the Freedom Breakthrough here. Imagine that your $7 dollar is the start of your financial success? Are you in?

By the way, If you’re inside his 3-day online challenge then you are also an affiliate of his course. Aside from learning to start a successful affiliate marketing business, then you have also the chance to earn money by promoting his courses, the low ticket course which is the 3-day online business challenge and the high ticket course which is the Freedom Breakthrough.

Affiliate Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. I get paid with a certain commission for every successful sale or sign-up WITHOUT any additional cost on your part. I am an independent affiliate marketer and am not in any way related to the personalities and companies mentioned in this blog post.