Let me guess, you are interested in genuine work from home jobs without investment this 2021 which is why you are here. I got you! This article summarizes the best ways to make an extra income online or to work full-time online at home and no, I am not going to talk about answering surveys where you exchange your valuable time for a penny!

This blog will walk you through real ways and genuine work from home jobs without investment 2021 to make real money online. All of these online jobs require no experience to start with. Sell your skills! Make money through your skills that you don’t even know you have, so why not try selling what you already know.

Either you are a stay-at-home mom, a stay-at-home dad, a student, or just want to make a side hustle online for an extra income then read through this blog and you might find a fit online job for you.

Let’s get started with the first genuine work from home jobs without investment 2021.

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Ways to make extra cash online from home for beginners without investment 2021

1. Online Tutoring

Yes, you can make a full-time income with this online job that requires no experience. Online tutoring has been consistently exploding as one of the legitimate ways to work from home and earn real income.

What will you tutor? The topmost online tutoring job is as an English tutor. Yes, thousands or even millions of people around the world want to learn English. Since English is widely spoken and there are non-English speaking countries with residence who wants to speak another language.

Moreover, IELTS tutors are also a good thing to make money online from home. IELTS tutors have been in the online market for so long and the demand has been increasing.

Another subject that is on-demand for online tutors is Math. Are you good at numbers? Then you can be a Math online tutor.

How to become an online tutor?

  • Set up an outstanding profile on any tutoring websites like Tutor.com and other similar websites.
  • Mention your experience and expertise to attract clients.

Not only subjects like Math and English that you can tutor, but also musical instruments like guitar, piano and the like. You can find tutoring gigs at Fiverr, UpWork, and the like.


2. Virtual Assistant

This is another booming way to make an extra income working from home. Virtual assistants are in demand because of the growing number of entrepreneurs and online marketers who want to delegate administrative works thus they prefer to hire virtual assistants to make things easier and organized for them.

Do not worry if you are a beginner virtual assistant, as your client will provide the training for you that is specific to the job that you will be doing for them. Virtual assistant’s work varies from one client to another.

What is a Virtual Assistant? Virtual assistants are independent people that work outside a client’s office or work in remote locations. Meaning you don’t need to be at the employer’s office or place to do the work as this is virtual so you can be in a different place, area, or country and do the administrative job for your employer.

As a virtual assistant, you are self-employed and work at home as you wish.

What do virtual assistants do? 

  • planning and scheduling for your client
  • phone calls for your client
  • manage email accounts (sending emails and or answering emails) on behalf of the company or client
  • bookkeeping
  • Webdesign
  • social media management
  • travel planner
  • and many more depending on what is required by the employer.

A virtual assistant is not limited to administrative jobs but it has a wide array of work lists that is outside clerical works. Meaning, any support that you can do for your employer according to the job description or contract between you and your employer.

Where to post to get hired as a Virtual assistant?

You can create your profile on these platforms listed below.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • People per hour
  • Freelance
  • and other like websites

Virtual assistant

Affiliate Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. I get paid with a certain commission for every successful sale or sign-up WITHOUT any additional cost on your part. I am an independent affiliate marketer and am not in any way related to the personalities and companies mentioned in this blog post.

3. Content Writer

Are you good at writing articles and have writing skills? Then you can be a content writer. This can be also work for a virtual assistant, but also as a separate online job.

Create a profile on FIVERR or UPWORK and other websites to showcase your writing skills and get hired as a content writer. There are many bloggers and website owners who want to outsource their content.

A content writer can be on any niche like health and fitness, travel blogs, make money online niche, DIY niches, Pet niche, etc.

Is this something you can do, then go ahead and find a writing job on Fiverr, Upwork, People per hour, and the like and apply for the job? Make a compelling introduction about yourself, you don’t need to be an experienced writer, as you can easily use the free Grammarly to check your writing and make your content writing like a pro.

What do you need? Grammarly to check grammar errors. This is free.

4. Resume Writer

You might be wondering about this resume writer thing, but yes, there are job seekers who want to outsource and get their resume written by writers.

You can find and apply for this job on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelance, and many other websites.

5. Online Transcriptionist

Online Transcriptionist is an in-demand job to transcribe audio into written content. If you have fast typing skills with good hearing skills then this is a match for you.

You can find online transcription jobs on the following sites:

Bear in mind that most Online Transcription companies require an initial transcribing exam before being accepted as a transcriptionist.

6. Proofreading

Sell your skills. What is Proofreading? Proofreading is an important step in creating and publishing something like books, ebooks, long articles, and the like. Once the writer finished the final draft, the proofreader comes into action to polish and check the content for unseen errors. Proofreading makes the final product mistake-free.

Are you a beginner? Look for start-up jobs as a proofreader on Fiverr.

As a proofreader you are expected to proofread the examples below: 

  • Newsletters
  • Essays
  • Court transcripts
  • Articles and blog posts
  • Self-published books
  • and many more.

What are the skills you need as a proofreader? 

  • good reading and comprehension skills
  • Great command in English and grammar (Good news! You can use Grammarly for free for any grammar needs)
  • Other companies prefer an English-related degree, though it’s not necessary, so try to find a client that doesn’t require a degree.


7. Translator

Make money with your language skills.

Although translator apps are on the market and are on every phone, there is still a good market to make money as being a translator. You can find Translating jobs on Upwork, Fiverr, and other similar platforms.

To increase and maximize your earning potentials as a translator, then sign-up in as many freelance platforms as possible. Don’t just make one profile on one website, instead make profiles in as many translation websites as possible.

8. Sell Stock Photos

Do you have good hands-on photography? Yes, you can sell your photos online, you can upload your stunning photos and make money from them.

Where to upload stock photos and make money?

  • Adobe Stock- Contributors can make anywhere from 20% – 60% with Adobe Stock.
  • Shutterstock
  • iStockphoto
  • Dreamstime
  • Alamy
  • and many more

9. Consultant

This is another genuine work-from-home job without investment this 2021. Are you an expert in any field? Business consultants are lucrative to make money at home business.

Other on-demand consulting niches aside from Business consultant are:

  • Green living consultant- Going green is an exploding business. More and more people are becoming more aware of the environment and want to contribute to protecting the environment in their simple ways. Thus Green living consultant comes into the picture.
  • Gardening Consultant- Yes, you read it right, if you have expertise in gardening, then this is something you can make money with. People especially this year has been staying home due to the pandemic situation. many have turned their free time into gardening, and come to think that succulent plants are now an exploding niche in the market.

There are people out there who want to have a guide on how to turn their indoor or outdoor space into a beautiful garden.

  • Color consultant- restaurant owners, the retail industry, and other businesses need a color consultant to create a beautiful ambiance to their space.
  • Marketing or Business Consultant- Business owners want to achieve a goal and thus want a business consultant to help them get started in planning and directions and the like.
  • Image or Style consultant- Yes, Grooming needs a consultant! Everyone wants to look and feel good. That is why people hire image and style consultants to work on their style and grooming. Not only celebrities who need an image and style consultant but other private individuals too.

If you have the skills and expertise and you think you can do any of the above consulting jobs then you can start your consulting agency, market your expertise and start making money online.

10. Funnel Builder

Are you an expert on the sales funnel? Then you can make money by building and selling a funnel. Your target audience here is online marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, eCommerce business owners, Real state businesses, and many more.

You can create your free funnel with GrooveFunnels. Sign-up for a limited offer of lifetime access to their Lite Plan and start creating your funnels for free and make money by selling your designs and or template. You can find clients on LinkedIn since businessmen are on this platform.


There are tons of ways to make a full-time income online or to start making an extra income online. Just beware of scams that have sprouted on the internet.

In this article, I have summarized 10 legitimate ways to make a full-time income online. These are all real money-making work-at-home jobs that do not need expertise or a hefty start-up.

All of these work-at-home online ideas are free to start with, all you need is an internet connection, a laptop and you are ready to go.

As mentioned above, these sell your skills to make money from home includes online tutoring, virtual assistant, content writer, resume writer, online transcriptionist, proofreading, online translator, proofreading, and creating and selling funnels.

There you go, now you have 10 genuine work from home jobs without investment 2021 and I hope you will find an online job that fits you and that you are happy to do.

If you want to attain financial freedom, then check this out. 

And if you want to learn more about starting an online business, then I have written a blog about it here.

Affiliate Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. I get paid with a certain commission for every successful sale or sign-up WITHOUT any additional cost on your part. I am an independent affiliate marketer and am not in any way related to the personalities and companies mentioned in this blog post.