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Grammarly is an online grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism detection platform for the English language developed by Grammarly, Inc. The software was first released on July 2009. Grammarly’s proofreading resources check against more than 250 grammar rules. (Wikipedia)

Grammarly offers a free trial and there is Grammarly for chrome, grammarly for word and many more that you can download for free.

Check grammar and punctuation for free. Millions of users depend on Grammarly´s AI-powered products to be able to communicate effectively and provide a better article, write-ups that conveys their message to the public or to whoever they are writing for. Grammarly´s AI make it better for users to be more effective in different ways.

Grammarly can be downloaded for free on, Grammarly for Chrome, Grammarly for Safari, Grammarly for Firefox, Grammarly for Microsoft and Grammarly keyboard are all available to download.

How does Grammarly work?

Grammarly automatically detects any grammatical errors on your work. You can easily install instant Grammar checker. Errors like grammar, choices and use of words, style of writing, and spelling. These are common mistakes that we encounter every day at work or school. It may seem correct on our eyes but nothing goes unnoticed with Grammarly, it checks your grammar and punctuations for free.

These are the 3 top basic issues that Grammarly can be of great help

  1. Spelling
  2. Grammar
  3. Punctuation

And these are the top complex issues that Grammarly can detect

  1. Plagiarism
  2. Confused words
  3. Sentence structure

How to use Grammarly?

Grammarly can be easily downloaded and installed on any web browser so you can check your grammar, punctuations, and choices of words for free.

  • Install Grammarly’s free browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Grammarly can be used on any web browsers. Just follow how to install Grammarly depending on the browser you are using.
  • Copy and paste any English text into Grammarly’s Editor
  • Grammarly will flag potential issues on your work and will suggest specific corrections with explanations as to why your text is wrong and their suggested words are the right one. There is a reason behind Grammarly’s correction so you users will be informed and guided about the decision regarding the use of words or punctuation.
  • Furthermore, Grammarly can even detect plagiarism. Awesome right?

What free products does Grammarly offer?

Grammarly can be easily downloaded and installed for free on Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox browsers besides, you can use the online text editor that can correct errors on your work like grammar and punctuations free of charge. Either on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and also on your Gmail.

Check these Grammarly´s free offers on guidelines, insights, and tips for better mistake-free writing.

Who is Grammarly for?

Are you a student? Are you a blogger? Are you a professional writer? Or you just want to write contexts that are mistake-free? Then Grammarly is for you. It can easily check grammar and punctuations and other grammatical errors in your work.

If you are a blogger or wanting to start a blog uyou can use Grammarly. You can read about how to start a blog here.

Grammarly is for everyone who writes. Whether you are a beginner, a student, or an expert on writing then Grammarly can be very beneficial for you. Professionals especially those who are in journalism, education, law and the like can benefit from this software. Imagine the confidence you get when writing something because of the help of Grammarly.

Writing is part of our everyday life. We do write on social media, we write and reply emails, and we do business writing at work. Grammarly makes it easier for users to write with great confidence and enthusiasm and more productive because of this useful tool. You don´t need to be a professional writer, blogger, and the like to use Grammarly.

Grammarly plan comparison

I have installed Grammarly on my Chrome extension. I have a FREE PLAN and enjoying Grammarly as it checks my grammar and punctuations where I usually have common mistakes. The premium offer so much more features including the plagiarism detector. So go ahead and download Grammarly on your browser and enjoy the free plan.


  • Critical grammar and spelling check
  • Conciseness

They also have a FREE TRIAL for 7 days that will let you try and test all the features under the paid plan.

Take note that the free plan will let you use Grammarly without any given time frame but the features are limited. Whilst the free trial for 7 days gives you access to all the features of the paid plan for 7 days. You then decide to upgrade for premium after trying all the features in 7 days.

I guess 7 days is enough for you to assess all the features of Grammarly´s premium plan. You can easily take advantage to write effectively and confidently to produce meaningful articles or documents to convey your message to your readers or to produce a mistake-free business document.

Grammarly premium plan is cheaper if you go for the annual rather than the monthly or quarterly plan. But of course, it all depends on your budget. Refer to the photo below.

grammarly price plan

Why choose Grammarly over other similar tools?

Grammarly´s AI goes beyond the basics of detecting and correcting errors on your write-ups. Aside from correcting basic errors, it focuses on contextual issues and the best I can say is detecting plagiarism. We don´t want to be facing legal issues unintentionally because of our documents or any writings right? Even beginners can right with ease and comfort by using this tool. Writing is now easier and better, thanks to Grammarly!

With Grammarly

  • You can improve your writing style,
  • They provide writing assistance
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Mistake corrections. This is where many writers commit top errors in their work. Punctuation, proper use and choice of words, repetitive words, etc. can be easily corrected and it comes with an explanation.
  • Grammarly Business. Are you in business and want to scale your and your employees writing skills? Then you can avail of the Grammarly Business. You can have multiple members here. This will help improve the productivity and efficiency of your work and business.

  • Grammarly EDU. Are you a student? Then Grammarly Education will give you tutorials to prepare you and have better writing skills. This is for all levels. Easy LMS (Learning Management System) integration, that you can integrate on your MS office and access it anytime you needed this tool.

  • Easy to use platform. Grammarly can be easily downloaded on any web browser. The app is user-friendly that you can just copy and paste your writings on your personal editor. Grammarly automatically detects any errors and will come up with corrections and suggestions of words or punctuation to use.
  • Free and upgradeable software. Anyone can use Grammarly for free without a specific time frame, unlike other similar software available in the market. The free plan is yours for as long as you want. If you decide to upgrade for the paid plan, you can easily do so. Upgrading depends on every user’s needs and preferences.
  • Provides guides and community. The Grammarly handbook can easily help you with your English grammar, the vendor´s blog is also available for users to access insights and helpful tips. Moreover, Grammarly has a community on social media platforms that users can interact, read tips and the like.

Grammarly for Microsft Office.

You can download Grammarly for free on your Microsft Office and use it on your Microsoft documents and other MS write-ups. Use this tool to write professionally looking documents without spending so much time on your writing. Let Grammarly help you with your loads of work by easily detecting grammar errors.

Grammarly for Windows

This software is easily accessible on Windows application. Install, and simply drag and drop your writing to Grammarly and let this awesome tool do its magic. Writing with confidence was never been this easy!

Grammarly Keyboard

Yes, you read it right. You download the Grammarly keyboard on Google Play and App store. How cool is that? Easy access to writing better e-mails and text on the tip of your hand!

Grammarly´s accuracy versus other similar tools.

This is a personal test I did with another grammar checker that I have been using for a while. I wrote this article and had it checked with a free tool similar to Grammarly, it did some corrections here and there so I thought I am ok to publish. I want to check it with Grammarly if everything looks good before publishing it. I copied and pasted this article to Grammarly after having it checked with another grammar checker and to my surprise, I still have 74 errors that were not corrected by the first grammar checker I used. 74 errors! Think of that.
I am convinced that Grammarly is the right tool for me to use on my blogs. I am satisfied and happy to test and see the results in front of me.


Grammarly automatically detects grammar errors in your writing. It will suggest the proper words, form of words, punctuation marks and many more.

I am enjoying using the free plan of Grammarly. So far I am loving it and I can honestly say that I am writing with more effectively ever than before. I leave the work to Grammarly! With Grammarly´s basic feature on the free plan to correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar I could write with much ease and confidence. I have personally used and tested Grammarly that I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to my readers.

If your writing or documents needed more features then you can easily upgrade to premium. The annual plan is way cheaper than the monthly and quarterly. With all the features and benefits you are getting on the Premium plan I can say that it is worth your money.

Writing has never been easy and thanks to Grammarly. Even beginners can use it and write with confidence. Everyone who uses Grammarly can be more effective and productive especially when writing school papers or business documents. Grammarly can be your best friend at school and work.

Users can easily write effectively with Grammarly that can give them better communication to whoever they are writing for. Writers can easily convey a better message or a better business plan because of Grammarly´s useful features. Grammarly can be download and installed in almost all browsers. With Grammarly´s useful features, tools, and easily downloadable app and extensions plus a Grammarly keyboard, you can never go wrong!

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Disclaimer: I am not related nor have any connections with Grammarly. This review article is written based on my personal opinion and experienced with Grammarly software.

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