I got your back mom! You are here because you want to learn how can stay at home moms make money online?

The through is there are tons of ways on how stay-at-home moms or stay-at-home dads can earn extra income online but the problem lies on, How and where to start. Or probably stay-at-home parents are just skeptical to jump on into the online world of making money online.

Things are changing drastically and people are diving into the online money-making method, with an obvious reason that you can do this anywhere and anytime. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop, or even a phone. So let’s dive in, moms and dads, and discover online opportunities that you can start from home now.

How can stay-at-home moms make money online?

There are ways you can contribute financially as a stay-at-home mom or stay-at-home dad. Find where you think you belong and do that. There is no one size fits all, others are good at writing, while others excel in speaking, others are good at digital designing while some have skills in drawing. Do you get what I mean? Don’t try to be an expert on everything and you will turn out to be an expert of nothing.

Find your strength and focus on that.

These are all real ways and practical online side-hustle for stay-at moms and dads. You can either start your own online business or work as a freelancer.

These are legitimate and real ways stay-at-home parents can make extra income online.


      • Everyone has their own expertise. You may be good at cooking, baking, language, numbers, speaking so why not make money out of your skills?
      • Use what you know, use your strength to educate people who need to learn what you already know.
      • There are millions around the world searching on “How-tos” so grab that opportunity to educate someone who is in need of your skills and expertise.
    • Examples of what you can do as an educator:

tutoring for stay at home moms

      • Online English Tutor
      • Online Math Tutor
      • Online Science Tutor
      • Online Music Teacher
      • Online Course creator (Sell your expertise, create an online course, or write an ebook)
      • Start a Podcast and be an educator on what you are good at. Someone out there is waiting to learn from you.
    • What do you need?
      • You do not need much here, you just need to find online job postings about these specific tutoring. You can find them on Craigslist, Fiverr, Upwork, and maybe your local sites where you live.
      • If you are thinking of a long-term online tutoring business, then I recommend starting a YouTube tutorial channel, then you can sell your service from there.


How can stay at home moms make money online?

      • There are various writing jobs and businesses you can start doing now even as a stay-at-home mom. Below are examples and try to find what best suits you.
    • Examples of what you can do as a writer:
      • Blogger. (You can start your own website which I strongly recommend or you can blog for others). You can monetize your blog with ads and affiliate marketing. Read about Blogging for beginners here.
      • Author (Are you good at storytelling? Why not try to write your own book? Ebooks are popular amongst readers. Read about ebook creation here.
      • Copywriter
      • Transcriptionist. (If you both have the writing speed and listening skills then this is for you).
      • Resume Writer. (Believe me, there are people who want to source out their résumé).
      • News Paper or Magazine Columnist.
      • Recipe Writer (You can create and sell your own eBook recipe).
    • What you need:
      • Hosting site if you want to start a blogging website.
      • If you are afraid of starting a website, you can start writing an article at Medium.com
      • Grammarly to check your spelling, plagiarism, and other grammar errors.
      • If you want to be a content creator for others then read my previous blog where I talk about Freelancing plus 15 sites where you can find real and legitimate writing jobs.
      • Canva has a free and paid version if you want to try writing eBooks, videos, and many more. There’s so much to do with this tool. Read more about it here.



        • Sell your digital designs on various platforms like ETSY, RedBubble, and other print-on-demand platforms.
        • Artist and designer is a broad topic. There are many options here, below are just a few of what you can do as an artist and designer.

graphic design

      • Open an ETSY Store and sell your digital templates, printables, or connect your POD (Print on demand) shop.
        • You can design and sell Print on demand products or your physical artworks on Etsy. Try to check the platform and see countless artworks that you can start creating and selling on ETSY.
      • You can also start your Merch store on Amazon. You need to apply for it, not everyone will be accepted on Amazon’s Merch store so you can start on Etsy or do both.
      • Redbubble is also a perfect place to create and sell your print-on-demand designs.
      • You can also design a website for clients.
      • Graphic designer.
      • Create Infographics for clients or for you to sell as printables.
      • and many more…so try to explore and maximize your arts and design skills.
    1. What do you need?
      • A design tool or platform like Canva.
      • Decide what Print-on-demand platform you are going to use.
      • Open your ETSY or Redbubble account.


    • Examples of a virtual assistant’s tasks are:
      • Social media manager (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook Page, etc)
      • Email Responder (Companies around the world are employing virtual assistants to help them with tasks as email responders. Training will be given and then you can do this online job remotely).
      • Travel planner
      • Events planner
    • What do you need?
      • Nothing in particular. The company that will employ you as their virtual assistant has its own requirements and training to be given.


Ecommerce for stay at home moms and dads

      • Ecommerce is not the “you can do it now” make money online because you need to search for the best product you will be selling.
      • You need a budget upfront to outsource your products.
      • You need a budget for ads.
      • You can also be dropshipping wherein you do not need upfront cost and products. You will get to pay for the product from the supplier once your customer has paid for it already.
      • Dropshipping is a lucrative online business if you know what you are doing. But there are lots of courses and YouTube tutorials where you can start learning the process.
    • Examples of Ecommerce are:
      • Sell on Amazon FBA.
      • Sell on eBay.
      • Sell on Shopify.
      • Sell on ETSY.
      • Create and sell on your own Ecom website.
      • Create your eCommerce website for dropshipping. 


    • The idea of flipping is that to make the product better and saleable for a better selling price, which means bigger profit. You can start checking your own yards for something to flip and sell.
    • Or you can flip an expired domain. Buy an expired domain, flip it and sell it for a higher price. Many people are doing good in buying and selling expired domains. There are bloggers who prefer to buy an aged domain rather than starting a new one.
      • You can either flip physical products like furniture, books, tools, and other physical products that you can think of flipping for a better sale.
      • You can also buy and flip domains. You can buy an expired domain at GoDaddy, Domcop, and the like.


    • You can do so much as a freelancer.
      • Transcriber or Medical Transcriptionist
      • Translator
      • Proofreader
      • Voice over actor
      • Content creator for written or videos
      • Researcher
      • Mystery Shopper (Learn more about this at Market Force)
      • Social Media Manager
      • Customer Service Representative (Taking inbound or outbound calls to help customers)
      • Telemarketer (You have probably taken a call from a person you don’t know but they are calling you selling cable connection, internet subscription, and the like. These are called Telemarketers.
      • Product Tester (Companies need product tester for their products especially if they are launching new ones.
      • Website Tester (Companies and website owners want to pay people to test their website. You can find these jobs at User test, Usertesting, Analysis, and the like).


    • If you are good at taking photos and videos then this is for you. You can make money online with just a phone and or a camera by selling stock photos, and stock videos.
    • There are websites like Pixabay, Pexels, Dreamstines, and many more where people can download free and paid stock photos and videos. These are also the websites where you can sell your own photos and videos.
    • You can also sell your photography service to e-commerce business owners. Physical products need a very good photo and video that will sell to the public, so business owners hire photographers to do the magic.
    • If you are good in photography with editing skills then that is a plus, because you can do video editing services and all of this can be done remotely.
    • You can also do photography services in your area if you want to.
    • You can read my Royalty-Free websites for stock photos and videos here and see where you can submit your photos too.


    • Yes, you read it write. There are influencer moms and dads that are killing it on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.
    • If you have spare time, then start making great content for your social media profiles. Post regularly to get some traction from viewers and in no time, you will slowly grow your followers.
    • Turn those followers into customers and then start selling products and services.
    • You do not need to have your own products. Apply as an affiliate of products that you want to promote related to your niche and you will get paid for every successful sale. This is called affiliate marketing.
    • You can be an influencer for moms who like fashion, moms who love cooking, baby products, home decor, and many more.
    • Instagram is not saturated or even TikTok. Just know how and what niche to tap in so you can easily grow your audience.
    • You can use Canva for creating social media posts and Flick for your hashtag generator.

Another Online side-hustle that you can do as a stay-at-home mom and dad is doing Paid Survey (I really do not like this one because you are exchanging your time for pennies.) But of course, you can always try this. There are companies who will pay you for your opinion.


Conclusion: Online educator, content creator, designer, Etsy Store owner, Influencer, Freelancer, and the like are some of the ways in how a stay-at-home mom and a stay-at-home dad can make an extra income online.

Making money in your spare time while staying at home with your kids is possible. You just need to focus on what you want to do. If you want to be a blogger then it is recommended that you build your own website or you can start writing articles on Medium with your affiliate links on it.

You can be creative and sell things on Etsy, eBay, or combine your artistic skills and sell graphic designs, printables, and the like.

Make money from what you already know by selling your expertise example by being a life coach, online tutor, course creator, Podcaster, or YouTuber.

There are tons of ways you can work remotely and still make money from the comfort of your home. Now you can set down and reflect on what your skills are, what you want to do and what are your long-term goals.

If you want to make money online immediately according to your situation, then find freelance jobs at Fiverr, Upwork, People per Hour, and the like. You can easily find online gigs on these platforms.

But if you want to aim for an online side hustle that you can be your own online business in the long run, then do Blogging, Podcast, YouTube content creator. This online money-making business will not give you an immediate result, but will surely be there to stay.

Especially for blogging, it will take time before you can see results but definitely worth the effort if you know what you are doing.

That’s it and I hope you learned How can stay at home moms make money online? You can work remotely for other people and earn extra income or you can start and grow your own online business. Take your pick!

Don’t get left behind and jump into the world of online jobs and business.

Leave a comment, suggestions, or more online side hustle ideas below that I have not tackled.

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