In this article, I will walk you through on how to create and design an ebook without consuming too much of your time. You will learn how to research and plan your ebook, how to design your ebook cover, how to plan and write your content and so much more.

And I will introduce you to an amazing writing tool that makes you create an ebook in just 5 minutes! You will also learn the tools and softwares needed to make an Ebook. This is your complete guide from content creation to ebook monetization.

Brace yourself for another amazing educational article written for you!


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Basics steps on how to create and design an ebook.

How to create and design an ebook

I have summarized below the basic steps before starting to create your ebook.


The first and foremost thing to do is to research. Research your niche and your audience.

Topic research. Take time to figure out what your ebook topic will be. Do some research on other successful ebooks that were published earlier and model from them. Dissect closely successful ebooks in your niche and then write a better more comprehensive version of that book. Never copy someone else’s work. Model from it and make your twist so people will have the reason to get your ebook.

In your topic research, you should include keywords. I bet you don’t wanna write something that people are not interested to read and know about.

Topic Research tools and platforms to use:

  • Use Google keyword planner, it’s free and easy to use.
  • Go to forums like Quora and see what people are asking about.
  • Check topics and keywords on, here you can get a lot of ideas on what people are asking and you will have ideas on what to write about. This has a free and Pro version. The free version is great to use especially if you are just starting
  • You can also use keyword tools like Jaaxy, SemRush, ubersuggest and the like to see how many people are searching for certain topics and keywords. You will get to learn if you have enough audience to target in your niche.

Audience research. Before you even write your content, you should take time to research and know your audience.

  • Who do you wanna target?
  • What kind of content do you want to write?
  • What problem do you want to solve?
  • What gender and many more.

These are just a few examples of audience research so you can easily relate and write your content if you know who you wanna target as an audience or customer.

Step 2 Planning and drafting

After doing your research then it’s time to plan and draft your ebook.

Now that you have your topic and audience then you can proceed with the next step. Make a simple draft of your ebook. Just a simple rough draft to guide you as you go on with your next step. Make a note on how many pages are you going to write, the topics you will be discussing, and so on.

Drafting makes it easier to follow the plan and to make sure you have all the ideas in place so you won’t forget it. Look at the simple outline below as an example.

  • Attention-grabbing title, you can make several titles and choose the best one a
  • Introduction– make a brief introduction to what the ebook is all about. Write some hook to get your readers’ attention, say something that will make them want to finish your ebook.
  • Topic 1 plus subtopics
  • Supporting data
  • Topic 2 plus subtopics
  • Topic 3 plus subtopics
  • Recommendations or suggestions
  • Conclusions
  • Call to action – This is one of the ways to monetize your ebook. Put a call to action. For example give them a reason to join your membership page, join your Facebook group, buy your course, etc.

How to create your ebook: Content writing

How to create an ebook

Many content creators find this part the most difficult and most time-consuming step. And yes it is! But if you did your research and draft your ideas then this part comes easily and your writing flows naturally.

If you want to write your content you can do so. Others prefer to source out their content on Fiverr, Upwork, and other platforms.

Remember to write your content according to your planned draft. And follow the template that you have chosen according to your style and niche.

I have been writing my blogs and will be publishing my ebook soon. I love writing and creating my content and I use tools and software to make content writing easy!

You can write your ebook content using Google slides, Microsoft word or Canva. 

Canva free trial. Price and plan

Tools and Softwares for ebook content creation.

  • Grammarly Use Grammarly to check grammar errors, plagiarism, and many more. This is an easy download app, they also have a search engine extension that you can easily download. The free version is great if you are starting.
  • Canva- Use Canva to create ebook covers, and Canva offers a variety of templates that you can use. If you are planning to write a short ebook then you can easily create it on Canva. They have lots of beautiful templates to choose from and edit it according to your personal preferences.

Canva has their own photo and vudeo stocks that you can use, they have both free and paid files.

What is Canva

  • Sqribble- this tool makes writing content easy. You can design your ebook cover, write content in just minutes. You can easily design, create, and make ebooks, presentations, and other writing projects inside sqribble.

Why use Sqribble? If you want to create an Ebook the easier way without writing long thousands of words then you might as well try Sqribble. Sqribble will do the writing for you.

  • Create an Ebook that is in demand in just minutes!
  • Create unlimited pages
  • 50 awesome templates
  • 300 style layouts
  • user friendly
  • 15 niche categories
  • Commercial license
  • Auto content writer
  • and many more!

Whew! That sounds great right? Get your sqribble discount here.

Now that you have your content written, then it’s time to finalize everything. Read proof your ebook, use Grammarly to check your grammar. Use Canva to design your ebook and ebook cover. You can also easily do this inside sqribble if you prefer to do it the easier way.

Read more how to use Canva here.

Guidelines in designing and creating an ebook.

  • Use attention-grabbing title that speaks to your readers.
  • Write your content as if you are speaking to your readers.
  • Include relevant visuals and images.
  • Use infographics if necessary.
  • Use relevant quotes and highlight them.
  • Use aproppriate and just enough colors.

What are the different types of eBook formats?

In your research phase, you should have included and decide what type of eBook format will you be creating. There are dozens of eBook formats that you can publish but below are the most common and widely distributed eBook formats that you can use. These are PDF, EBUP, and AZW.

PDF (.pdf)

A portable document format is the long term of PDF. You probably heard and came across a pdf before because this is the most popular one. It is the most common eBook format that people are familiar with.

EPUB (.epub)

Electronic publication or EPUB in short. EPUB is the most widely supported ebook format that is easily readable on various devices even small electronic devices like smartphones.

AZW (.azw)

AZW file is fro Amazon Kindle readers as this is developed by Amazon itself. That being said, AZW files are only limited to Kindle apps.

How to monetize your ebook? Sell your ebook or give it for free to get leads.

How to monetize ebook

So how do you monetize your ebook? You can do this in different ways. For example give your ebook as a bait for the readers to opt-in and give you their email address in exchange for the free ebook. Or you can also sell your ebook on Kindle (Kindle publishing has their templates) and other selling platforms.

 1. Ebook is a great way to get leads.  

Increase your email list and you can easily do email marketing. Your email list is the traffic you own and control so you can promote and sell whatever you like. But be careful not to spam your customers, you should provide value as well. You can easily lose your customers if they will feel that you are just sending frequent sales talk rather than providing value and showing the solution to their problems.

2. Ebook is one of the best ways to promote your products or courses. 

Inside your ebook you can put a call to action. Remember this is a digital book so you can add your links if you want to promote something.

At the end of your ebook, you can ask your readers to join your member’s only page, you can ask them to check your paid course or a course you are promoting.

Moreover, you can add some links to your sources or recommendation page.

How to publish your ebook? Market and sell your ebook.

If your goal for your ebook is to give away to get leads, then a simple free promotion on Pinterest and other social media platforms is ok. But if you are creating an ebook to sell, then you want to target a bigger audience and might as well consider doing paid ads in addition to the organic promotions.

 1. You can promote your ebook on social media platforms. 

Pinterest is one of my favorite platforms to promote ebooks. You can use Canva to make your Pinterest pin, automate your Pinterest pinning using Tailwindapp. I suggest making 5-10 different eye-catching Pinterest pins and link them to your ebook.

Read more about Pinterest marketing here.

 2. Another way is to put an opt-in page or a pop-up page in your blog and or website linking to your ebook.

 3. Amazon Kindle publishing is one way to publish your ebook. (This will be another topic as I am not focusing on Kindle publishing in this article)

4. If you do not have a website, then you can easily make a one-page funnel or a sales funnel to promote your ebook. Clickfunnels has every sales funnel and all types of pages like bridge page, an opt-in page that you can easily create to maximize your ebook monetization. You can also include upsells and down-sell in connection to your ebook launch.

Why write an eBook?

So why create an ebook in the first place? There are personal business goals and reasons why we create an eBook. Below are the Pros in creating an eBook.

#1 Brand Awareness and Establish brand authority

You can create an eBook to let the public know of your brand. Make your brand be known and eBook is an effective way to gain authority and brand awareness in your niche.

#2 Build and gain trust from your audience

Your voice is in your eBook. Your eBook speaks to your readers for your brand. The more you write a valuable content eBook, the more you will get followers or readers’ trust in your brand.

#3 Generate Leads 

Use your eBook to increase or generate more leads to your business. Give them a well written helpful eBook in exchange for their email address. Use an opt-in page and an autoresponder to automate this process.

#4 Extra online income source

Create an eBook that you can sell especially if you are providing so much value that is worth buying for. Also, I mentioned above that you can include a call to action buttons in your eBook and this is another way to sell something without obviously selling something! I hope you get my point here.

#5 Easy to download

Ebooks are easy to download products. Your customer is saving time and money as they do not need to pay for the shipping fee. Plus they skip the waiting time! Downloadable products come in seconds!

#6 Convenient. Accessible anywhere and everywhere

Yes, eBooks can be read anytime and anywhere. Just log-in to your phone and there you go! Unlike physical books that you need to carry them with you if you want to read them.


The first thing to do in creating your eBook is research and planning. Under these two first steps is to research your topic and audience plus decide what type of eBook format you will create like PDF, EPUB, or AZW.

There are tools, software, and websites to use to make research easier and faster so make use of it. The most difficult part of eBook creation is content creation, but you do not have to do everything on your own. You can outsource your content on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

The best tools are also provided if you want to make writing easier and that is Sqribble, imagine creating your eBook in just minutes! Go check out sqribble and see it for yourself how you can create ebook your eBook just like a piece of cake.

So why do you need to create an eBook? Ebooks are one of the best bait to get more leads and customers to your business. You can easily grow your email list through your bait, and that is your eBook. Ebooks are a good passive income source as well. Ebooks are a great option for brand and authority awareness.

Furthermore, people love ebooks because it is very convenient and easy to access.


This is an affiliate website since I am an affiliate marketer. My blogs and or articles contain affiliate links from different affiliate programs. When a reader clicks on my links and decided to buy, sign-up under my link then I get a commission WITHOUT any additional expense from the reader or audience.


I am in no way connected to any of the brands and personalities mentioned above. I am an independent affiliate marketer that aims to provide value to my readers.