What is Pinterest?

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Before we dive in on how to make money on Pinterest, let me give you a brief description on what is Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms to make money online but only a few are making use of this platform to make money. While marketers and other online entrepreneurs are flacking on Facebook and Instagram, I am enjoying Pinterest as my make money online platform.

For beginners who do not know what Pinterest is all about you can read my previous blog post here. Let me give you a brief introduction to Pinterest.

  • Pinterest is a visual search engine, unlike other search engines,
  • Pinterest makes use of eye-catching images to attract and engage with the audience.
  • Just like any other search engine, this platform uses SEO (Search engine Optimization) as well. So in order for your pins to appear on the search bar, make use of keywords on your pin title and pin description.

If you are wondering if Pinterest is free, yes it is. Pinterest is totally free. You can sign-up on Pinterest for personal use or you can open a business account. You can also switch your Pinterest personal account into a business account and vise-versa depending on how you want to use Pinterest. Since I am going to talk about how to make money with Pinterest then I will be concentrating on a Pinterest business account.

Pinterest for Business Marketing: Howto make money on Pinterest?

In order to make use of all of Pinterest’s features then it is recommended to open Pinterest Business account. There are Pinterest tools and features that you can only access with a business account.

You can also link your personal account to your business profile, you are allowed to link up to 4 business profile to your personal account so you can easily switch in between those accounts.

Pinterest Business account has an awesome features as follows?:

Pinterest is also for companies who wants to market and feature their goods online. There are many companies using Pinterest for marketing. E-commerce businesses can definitely make use of Pinterest for marketing. Simpley sign-up a Pinterest business account, make beautiful images using Canva to show case ecom products and use Tailwindapp Pinterest and Instagram scheduler to post and pin those images.

On the other hand, if you do not want to link your business account with your personal account then you can sign-up for a separate business account, it’s just that you need to sign-up separately between the two accounts.

As for me I prefer linking my personal account with my business account so it is easier to switch accounts than logging-in separately. But of course, that depends on your personal preferences.

Affiliate Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. I get paid with a certain commission for every successful sale or sign-up WITHOUT any additional cost on your part.

Disclaimer: The results mentioned in this blog post are not typical. We work and implement strategies differently so my results may be different from yours.

How to make money on Pinterest?

How to make money online with Pinterest

Let us now tackle the money side of Pinterest. As I mentioned above, Pinterest is a visual search engine. People come to Pinterest to find any topics ranging from recipes, diets, DIY, how to’s and so much more.

You cannot make money on Pinterest if you do not have an audience. Traffic is the bloodline of any business as they say. Without audience and authority on Pinterest then no one will see your pins.

So How do you make money on Pinterest?

1. Make boards and pins.

You can start building 5-10 boards when you are starting. All boards should be related to your niche or sub-topics of your niche. Then start making and pinning your pins. You can make 5-10 pins with different images and texts directing to one blog post or a product. It is important to test images so you can see what image connects to your audience. Do some testing with your pins and schedules and see what works best. You can easily use the Tailwind scheduler for your pins.

2. Build an audience.

You need to build an audience in order to optimize your Pinterest account. It best to follow people who are already in authority of your niche and model from them. Get inspiration from their board and pins. Remember to model from them but never copy. It is always best to be unique and do your own boards and pins with rich keywords. In order to grow on Pinterest, you need to pin regularly and join group boards related to your niche in order to reach more audiences.

3. Gain authority.

Once you have started to gain momentum and started having followers then you will slowly gain authority on your niche. I usually recommend others to promote the pins that are gaining more audience, model from that image and make more pins from it.

4. Promote your blogs, products, and services.

You make money on Pinterest by promoting your blogs, affiliate products, and services or even your own products. Pinterest favors fresh pins so try making fresh pins linking to the products and services you are promoting.

Make use of keyword search tools to see what people are searching on Pinterest. You cannot just barely guess, do your research and make a pinning plan. Since Pinterest is a search engine, then SEO or search engine optimization is important. Use keywords in order for your pins and boards to appear when people search for a certain topic related to your niche.

3 best ways to make money through Pinterest

1. Drive traffic to your blog post or website.

You can use Pinterest to drive organic or paid traffic to your blog post. There are many pinners on Pinterest that uses the platform to direct traffic to their blog post. There are ways to attract and get the audience to read your post by pinning eye-catching images. I will discuss how to make eye-catching pins in the coming paragraphs below.

Your website traffic does not only rely on your Pinterest pin but you should take note that you need to have a quality content blog post to get higher engagement from your readers.

The better the blog post content you have, the better the engagement you will get. Remember to write a problem solving contents related to your niche. Then you can make 5-10 Pinterest pins linking to that post.

Pinterest is also one of the best ways to promote a new blog post.

You can read how to start a blog here.

2. Affiliate marketing with Pinterest.

Use Pinterest to promote affiliate products or programs, just be careful not to post spam. Pinterest can block affiliate links if they think it is a spam. Pinterest also does not allow shortened links so it is better to use unshortened links if you are promoting something. If Pinterest blocks your affiliate link then direct your audience to your blog post containing the products or services you want to promote.

Blog posts and affiliate links can go together. If your blog post has affiliate links then you can drive traffic using rich pins to your blog post.

You can read on how to start affiliate marketing here.

3. Sell e-commerce products using Pinterest.

If you are on the e-com world then you can create catalogs, product photos and promote it on Pinterest.

Since Pinterest is a visual search engine then try pinning the best photos that can attract an audience. Do not forget to use keywords on your title and description when making boards and pins related to your niche.

There are various ways on how to make money on Pinterest, sign-up for a free Pinterest business account and see it for yourself how the platform works both on personal and business account.

How to make eye-catching pins on Pinterest?

I am personally using and recommending Canva.

  • Canva has free and paid plans. You can easily start with the free plan without any time limit. You can use the free plan as long as you want to and if you decide to upgrade with the paid plan you can easily do it on your account.
  • Canva has pre-customed measurements according to the image you want to make. You can easily make Facebook posts, Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnails, Pinterest post and so much more.

I made all my Pinterest pin using the free plan of Canva. There is so much more you can do so sign-up for your free Canva account here. 

Canva is pre-loaded with free templates and photos that you can use to make your beautiful pins, you can also upload and use your own photos and videos if you want to. Although there are some templates and images that are available on paid plans.

How to automate pinning on Pinterest?

For pinning automation, I am personally using and recommending a tool called Tailwind. Tailwindapp does the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is upload your pins on Tailwind and Tailwindapp will automize all the pinnings for you. How cool is that?

Tailwind is a user friendly, very easy to use and navigate. Tailwind is not only for Pinterest pinning automation but also for Instagram post automation. You can link your Instagram account on Tailwind and automate posting through it. You can sign-up for the FREE Tailwind trial here.

I covered how to increase traffic organically using Tailwind on my previous blog and you can read it here.Automate pinning with Tailwind


How to make money with Pinterest? Use Pinterest to drive raffic to your blog or website, promote affiliate products, sell ecommerce products.

So now you know how to make money online with Pinterest.  You can make money online with Pinterest by signing up a business account and start building audience and authority on your niche.

As I have mentioned above, you can start at least 5-10 boards about your niche and start pinning pins on every board. Slowly you will grow your Pinterest viewers organically by pinning beautiful and eye-catching pins.

Use Canva to create the best images that relate to whatever you are promoting and then use Tailwind to schedule and automate pinnings for you.

The secret of making money online with Pinterest if you are a blogger is by pinning fresh pins regularly and remember that your blog post should have a quality content that can help people solve their problems and makes every reader buy through your link because they need it.

Sign-up now for a Pinterest business account and start building audience and authority on your chosen niche. Make captivating images, pin it, and promote, promote, promote. Slowly you will gain momentum and you will start earning extra income online.

This is not a magic or overnight success. It will take time but surely sales will come. Just be patient and you will see success growing your Pinterest account and make extra income online.

Affiliate Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. I get paid with a certain commission for every successful sale or sign-up WITHOUT any additional cost on your part.

Disclaimer: The results mentioned in this blog post are not typical. We work and implement strategies differently so my results may be different from yours.