How to quit your job and work from home? In order for you to quit your job and work from home, you need to set aside monthly savings, invest yourself to learn online marketing, start an online business, work remotely as a freelance. With the monthly savings that you have, you can invest in an online business that will create an online income for you so you can afford to quit your regular job.

It is a big risk to quit a regular job without other means to get monthly income to pay your bills. So in order for you to say bye to your 9-5 job, you need to have a backup plan or at least another source of income that is up and running.

You need to have at least savings that you can support you and your family. Furthermore, you need to have a detailed plan on how you will have another source of income prior to quitting your regular job.

You probably want to quit your job soon that is why you are here. Read through the article to learn how to ditch your regular job and work in the comfort of your home.

Having an extra income online so you can afford to resign from your day job is possible. If you have a concrete plan on what you’re going to do next.

Let me show you how.

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How to quit your job and work from home? 5 Proven ways!

These 5 steps will help you on how to quit your job and work from home.

#5 Work remotely as a Freelancer.

How to make money as a freelancer

There are many businesses that are in need of talents and skills that you have. Business owners cannot do everything on their own, and so they need to hire freelancers to do remote works for them. Examples are, business owners, need someone who can manage their social media accounts.

They need someone who can answer and reply to business queries, schedule meetings, and plan business activities.

Successful business owners know how to delegate in order to get more jobs done. This is where you enter as a freelancer and you can do these jobs from home or anywhere for as long as you a laptop, a phone, and an internet.

Yes, you can make a living doing a freelance job, you can accept as many clients as you want without doing all the gigs by yourself. Did you know that you can start your own Freelance agency? Did you know that you do not need to manually transcribe? There are available apps and tools that will help you do the job faster and easier. You can also outsource those jobs, check out Peopleperhour.

  • Freelancer is a broad word. There are many things you can do as a freelancer.
    • Social Media Manager
    • Virtual Assistant
    • Graphic Designer
    • Content Creator
    • Transcriptionist
    • Translator
    • Online Tutor
    • Editor
    • Proofreader
    • and many more.

You can find these gigs on FIVERR, Upwork or you can set up a one-page website featuring your services.


#4 Start an online store.

How to start an online store

Where and how to start an online store?

  • Open an ETSY Store.
    • ETSY is a great place to start selling online. Although ETSY has a smaller audience as compared to Amazon, it is less competitive and more beginner-friendly.
    • You can sell digital products, handmade products, and Print on Demand products on Etsy.
    • You can create digital products to sell using a free tool called CANVA. (They have a Pro version if you want, but starting with the free version is what you need when starting and when you are on a limited budget.)
    • You can also connect (POD) Print on demand products through your print on demand platforms on Etsy.
  • Open a Shopify Store
    • Although there are many success stories using the Shopify store, I do not recommend it for beginners. You need to pay $29 monthly if you use Shopify, not to mention other costs that you will be needing to set up a complete professional-looking e-commerce store, plus advertisement to get your store in front of the audience.

You can also create e-commerce or dropshipping sites outside Etsy and Shopify.


#3 Sell your expertise.

How to make money by selling your expertise

Yes, I know, You might be asking, What? Sell my expertise? You might not realize, but all of us have had skills and expertise that we can make use of. Most people don’t realize that their knowledge and skills can make them resign from work and be their own boss by making money on what they already have.

Ask yourself these questions, What am I good at? What problems have I overcome? What lessons and skills have I gained during that trial? How did I lose weight? How am I staying fit? How am I managing work and family?…and so on and so forth. These are just sample questions for you to help you sit back, think, and realize your skills and expertise.

with your expertise you can:

  • Create a book or ebook
    • Nowadays it is easy to create a book and self-publish it. You can easily create an ebook using Canva or Sqribble. Publish it on Amazon Kindle publishing and you can make a living by selling ebooks. Learn more about how to design and create an eBook here.
    • What ebooks are you going to create? Create an ebook out of what you are good at. Try browsing Amazon kindle to have some examples of what you can do.
    • You do not need to be a journalist and or an expert writer to do this. As I have mentioned earlier, there are free and paid tools to do this. Canva has a free version, you can use it to jump-start your ebook business. Then you can use Grammarly as your free grammar checker.
  • Be a consultant
    • I know you have skills and education in a topic that you can confidently talk about. You just need to believe in yourself that you can be an expert consultant in that niche.
    • As a consultant, you can charge per hour or as a bundle. Depending on the services you want to provide, then you charge more.
    • People will be willing to pay for your advice as a consultant in your chosen field.
    • You can be a legal consultant, marketing or business consultant, financial consultant, and many more. So ask yourself, What am I good at?


#2 Start a blog

How to start a blog and work from home

Starting a blog should be done alongside your work. If this is your chosen path, you should not quit your job until your blog is up and running with monthly income. Just a forehand warning, that blogging takes time to get traction and it takes time for a blog before you can see results. But it is all worth it if you know what you are doing. You can learn more about blogging here.

Blogging is best done together with your regular job. If you can wake up 2 hrs earlier every day to write a blog post, then you can get your goal in no time.

Blogging is both a very good source of active and passive income online. Just keep on writing and publishing that your readers want to read. Help people solve their problems through your blog. You can then ditch your regular job and work from home if you see that your site is earning more than your monthly income.

You can monetize a blog with ads, affiliate marketing, and or sell your products and services. I will be talking more about affiliate marketing below, which is my favorite way on how to quit your job and work from home!

But if you do not want to start your own website, you can do blogging through and you can start a free website with Google site. But I suggest having your own website if you want a long-term blog business.


#1 Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

ways to promote affiliate products

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways on how to quit your job and work from home. Yes, Affiliate marketing is my favorite.

If you do not know affiliate marketing, it is a way where affiliate marketers get paid with a certain commission for every successful sale that is made through your affiliate link. You can learn more about affiliate marketing here.

  • How to start an affiliate marketing business so you can quit your 9-5 job?
    • Research a niche to start with.
    • Start a niche site (Blog).
    • Start an Amazon product review site.
    • Find a product or services to promote.
      • Where to find affiliate products and services to promote?
          • Clickbank
          • ShareAsale
          • JV Zoo
          • Digistore 24
          • Warrior Plus
          • You can also directly search affiliate programs of different brands, tools, stores on their sites.
    • Start promoting your chosen affiliate products and services through paid traffic or organic traffic. This depends on your budget and your business goals.
    • You can use Pinterest, Tiktok, Instagram, and the like to drive traffic to your site.

Step by step guide on how to quit your job and work from home.

Check these things or ask yourself these questions before quitting your regular job.

  1. List down the things you want to do or start in order to quit your job.
    • Can you start that side-hustle while you are working on your 9-5 job? If so, then start it now.
    • Do you have enough savings to invest in your business either physical or online business?
    • What type of online business do you want to venture into?
  2. Make a plan, write your goals and visions.
  3. Why do you want to quit your job and who are your motivations and or inspiration?
    • Why do you want to quit?
    • Do you want to attain financial freedom
    • Do you want to attain time freedom?
    • Are you doing this for your family?
    • The better you understand your why’s, the better you will work for your goal, the sooner you will attain success in quitting your job and working for yourself instead.
  4. Create a timeline and daily action plan.
    • It is not enough to say I want to quit my job in 6 months, Period! You should know and understand what you need to do and change so you can attain that goal.
    • Set a daily task. For example, if you are doing blogging, you should have an action plan of writing and publishing a blog of at least 3 articles or more per week. If you are going to write an eBook, you should set a goal, that within a certain date, you would have finished writing and editing the ebook.
    • The point here is that you set a timeline in order for you to slowly achieve the day of saying goodbye to your regular job.
  5. Set weekly and monthly goals.
    • Basing on your daily action plan, check if you are reaching your weekly and monthly goals or at least near to your goals.
    • Check what you need to do more and make some adjustments.

By doing the above-mentioned 5 steps on how to quit your job and work from home, you will anytime soon resign from your job and work from home and be your own boss.

What are the advantages of working from home and being your own boss?

I am not against working a regular job, but if you can work at home and be your own boss, then why not? So why do people want to quit their job and work from home instead?

  1. Time freedom.
    • One of the best advantages of quitting your job and working from home is the freedom of time. You can choose what time to get up, what time to check your online business, and where to do it. You can easily manage your online business anytime and anywhere without a boss checking on you every time you stamp in and stamp out.
    • You do not need to ask permission for a holiday or sick leave when you needed to.
  2. Financial Freedom.
    • You can easily scale an online business and earn as much as you want to, invest as much as you want. Unlike working on a regular job, you are waiting for the same salary monthly, the only way you can have more salary is if you work overtime, meaning, less time spent for yourself and your family.
    • Having a successful online business can change your life a lot, having the freedom to travel, spending more time with your loved ones and you can afford to support your wants and needs.



How to quit your job and work from home? Become a freelancer, start an online store, become a course creator, setting aside an amount to invest in your online business are the ways you can quit your job.

But prior to that, you should have a concrete plan on why you want to quit your job, what are you going to do after quitting your job, and how you can afford to quit your job. Starting an online side hustle by doing freelance work, blogging, and affiliate marketing will help you to make an extra income online.

With that extra income online, reinvest it in your online business, let your online business grow to a point that you are earning an equivalent or exceeded your monthly salary before you can say goodbye to your 9-5 job.

Writing down your goals and doing your daily action plan will bring you closer to the day you can resign from your work. Nothing is sweeter than owning your own online business and working for yourself rather than working for other people.

Your online business can be managed anytime and anywhere, and most of all it is scalable, bringing you more time and financial freedom that you cannot get by working on a regular job.

Remember these are not get-rich-quick systems. You need to work for your dreams. It takes action and dedication, time and money investment. The road to success is not a magic button, let’s make that clear.

I hope this article has helped you on how to quit your job and work from home. Let me know your thoughts in the comment below. I will read them and get back to you if you have questions.

Cheers to time and financial freedom!


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