How to start an online business from home

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How to start an online business from home? This is now the common questions people have on their minds. The world is facing uncertainties with the spread of COVID-19 worldwide. Many people lost their jobs and businesses has closed. So why not move to the digital world? Why not start an online business than can survive despite the pandemic the world is facing?

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The basics of starting an online business from home.

Basics of online business

This is the most important thing that people should have and establish before anything else. It’s the MINDSET.


Yes, mindset is very important but it’s always overlooked. People don’t realize that tuning up a positive strong mindset is the backbone of a successful business. Why? Because if you have a positive strong mindset, you are ready to conquer and survive the trials and challenges you will be facing.

It’s like building your business on the rock and building a business on the sand. If you are an optimistic person then you treat challenges and problems as learning blocks that you need to undergo, but if your mindset is weak then you see challenges and problems as they are and you will just give.

The difference between a successful businessman and a failed businessman is that successful people NEVER GIVE UP. They continue to persevere and that is because they have a totally different mindset than that of people who easily give up.

So first and foremost, do not overlook setting your mind to survive, don’t be a pessimist.

Planning and research are two important phases in starting any business, either physical or online.

online business planning

So, if you are thinking to start an online business from home, you need to make a plan and research your plans.

Think of what you like to do, what you are passionate about. Are you going to start an online business from home as a course creator to sell your expertise? an online business for dropshipping? an online business for coaching? online business as an English teacher? online business as a blogger? and many more online businesses that you can start from home.

Research about your niche, plan your approach, research who and where are your target audience or viewers.

Study what successful people are doing and model their business tactics. Do not copy them! I said model from them and put your own twist, make it better, see their loopholes that you can fill with something valuable. Do these and you will succeed.

Under planning and research is also the budgeting. Just like any business, you need to have an investment. Depending on what online business you are planning, investment varies from Zer to minimal to a big investment.

Top 3 online business to start from home.

There are countless online businesses that every individual can start from home. There are as follows.

#3 Blogging or Vlogging

Blogging as an online business

Why is blogging and vlogging on my top 3 lists of online businesses to start at home?

  • The startup cost is minimal.
  • You can start anytime, anywhere.
  • You do not need to be an expert journalist to write a blog.
  • There are many ideas that you can write about depending on your niche, your passion, and who your audience will be.

What you need to start a blog.

What you need to start a Vlog.

  • Youtube account. It’s FREE to sign up and create a Youtube channel.
  • Camera or you can use your own phone to take videos.

What I like about blogging and Vlogging is you can connect both. You can turn your blogs into videos, and you can turn your videos into blogs. Read more about blogging here.

When starting a blog, you need to consistently write or hire someone to write a very good content on your website. A valuable content that your targedted audience need and can relate. Publish a content that can solve someone else’s problem if you want your readers to read and stay on your website.

Blogging may take time before you will see growth and before you can monetize, unless you are ranking on the first page of search engines then that is an organic traffic that can bring you passive income.

So remember to be consistent and make or write valuable content for your website, same is through with vlogging. Consistency is the key.


Print on demand is a very profitable online business from home.

  • You do not need an inventory.
  • You do not need an upfront cost for the products.
  • One page funnel website works very well.

What you need to start a POD (Print on demand) online business.

  • Designs. If you are creative and can design your own style then well in good. Otherwise, you can check FIVERR and hire someone to design for you.
  • Website or a one-page funnel website. If not then you can easily sell your items on Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay if you do not want to have your own website. Take note, that these selling platforms will have a percentage of every sell you make. Every third party platfornm has their own pricing so you can check that on their websites.
  • Budget for traffic. You need to promote your products either paid or free traffic. But paid traffic is highly recommended if you are starting and trying to get some tractions on your website.

You can start a print on demand online business from home for example, print on demand t-shirts, print on demand mugs, print on demand dog tags, and many more. Sky is the limit. With so many ideas that you can do in this type of online business.

Try a POD on one thing first before you can diversify or grow to another one. So you can concentrate mastering one thing rather than being all over the place without accomplishing something.


affiliate marketing online business

What is affiliate marketing? You can read my previous blog about affiliate marketing here.

But just a brief explanation of what affiliate marketing is is that you find a product to promote, if people buy that product or services you are promoting under your link, then you’ll get a commission.

Why is Affiliate marketing my no.1 online business to start at home?

  • You do not need to have your own product.
  • There are many affiliate products that are profitable online. You will find thousands of products to promote in various niches.
  • Minimal startup cost.
  • Email autoresponder if you want to collect emails and retarget your customers if you have other promotions to offer.
  • Landing page. This is optional it is your choice, but I highly recommend having a landing page especially if you will do paid advertisement.

Where can you find affiliate products to promote?

Or simply type in the name of the company plus the word “affiliate program” on any search engine and you will find thousands of affiliate programs to promote.

Take note that you need to apply and be verified before you can be an affiliate of ant products on that platform. For Clickbank, it is open and free. You can just sign-up for an ccount and fill out the important informations you’re being asked.

If you are in to softwares and other digital marketing niche you might as well check the affiliate program of Clickfunnels. You can apply as a Clickfunnel affiliate without being a Clickfunnel user. Learn how to apply here. 

Those are my top 3 best online businesses to start at home.

There are of course other online businesses to start or other ways to make money online and these are as follows. I would not include paid surveys as a way to make money online, because you are trading your valuable time to answer a question in exchange for a penny!

  • Freelancer copywriter, transcriptionist
  • Virtual assistant
  • English teacher or tutor
  • Social media manager
  • Coach (If you are very good at coaching and can touch and change other people’s life and perspective then this is a good fit for you.)
  • Course creator. you can make money online by selling what you already know. Make a digital course and sell it online.
  • Kindle publishing

What are the basic tools and software to start an online business at home?

If you are determined to start a sustainable long term online business then you should be ready to invest your time, money and energy. But if you are just trying out and want to see how it goes then probably you do not need my recommendations below.

  1. Web hosting platform for your website.
  2. One page funnel website if you do not want no.1.
  3. Email autoresponder. This is a powerful must-have tool in any online business marketing.
  4. Canva. What is Canva? You can read my blog about Canva here. But for those of you who do not know Canva, it is a platform to make outstanding photos and videos for your blogs, videos, and ads. Learn more about Canva here.

Optional tools are Content Samurai for making and editing videos, Tailwind app for automizing social media posting, and pinning (Instagram and Pinterest) for promotional and brand awareness campaigns.

Important tips and recommendations.

If you are serious about starting and growing an onlinbusiness from home, then you must be prepared to invest. Free traffic can take some time and that would mean a slow growth on your business and that is your choice.

You can also start with paid ads that is faster to get traction on your business especially if you are just starting and if you want to do affiliate marketing.

If you want to do affiliate marketing you can watch this FREE webinar here.

If you want to grow your online business, learn the tricks in getting unlimited leads here.


Summing it up, there are countless ways to make money online as an online business to start from home. These are virtual assistant, English tutor, copywriter, transcriptionists, and the like.

But my best top 3 online business to start from home are blogging or vlogging because of the minimal startup cost, the second one is POD or print on demand online business because you do not need an upfront stock inventory, and my number one online business to start from home recommendation to start from home is affiliate marketing.

With my top 3 online businesses to start from home recommendation if done right, it can change your life dramatically. You just need to invest time, money, energy. How much money will you earn or how much success will you get depends on how much TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY you invest.

Choose to start one online business from home, grow and master that online business before jumping into another. Do not try to be jack of all trades and master nothing.

There are NO magic buttons to success, or neither a get-rich-quick system so be prepared to INVEST.

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AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: This is an affiliate website since I am an affiliate marketer. My blogs and or articles contain affiliate links from different affiliate programs I have joined. When a reader clicks on my links and decided to buy, sign-up under my link then I get a commission WITHOUT any additional expense from the reader or audience.