In this article, I will walk you through how to use Clickfunnels to grow your business or if you are just starting in your online or offline business then you will learn why you should start using Clickfunnels.

Read all through the blog and you will learn how to use Clickfunnels on your affiliate marketing business, How to use this awesome marketing tool to market and sell your product may it be physical or digital and so much more.

There are many online marketing problems that Clickfunnles solve that you might not be aware of, so read through the entire blog. Plus you will get to download my Clickfunnels templates that have sold many affiliate products.


How to use Clickfunnels on your online marketing business.

If you are not using sales funnel in your business then you are missing a big chunk of the pie in the online world.

I have discussed what is a sales funnel and how to make a sales funnel on my earlier blog where you can read it here.

So yes, if you want to do paid ads in your affiliate marketing business then you need to create an opt-in page and or bridge page. Why? Advertising platforms like Facebook, Google ads, and the like will not allow you to directly use your affiliate link. That being said, then you need to create a bridge page.

A bridge page is the bridge between your traffic or leads to your offer. You can easily create a bridge page inside Clickfunnels.

Another page that you need on your online marketing is an opt-in page.

What is an opt-in page? An opt-in page is the first part of the sales funnel. An opt-in page is a simple page where hour traffic can enter their email address, name, etc. Depending on your settings on what information do you want to collect.

The opt-in page lets you create and grow your email list. This is a good online marketing strategy., With an email list on your hand, you can easily connect to your customers. Your email list is the traffic you own and you can sell and promote your products or let your customers know of your new offers or promotions.

If you want to do email marketing, then you need to build an opt-in page to collect data from your traffic. Start and grow your email list by creating an opt-in page. Clickfunnels offers a variety of opt-in page templates that you can easily edit and personalized according to your business needs and goals.

Clickfunnels free trial


This is an affiliate website since I am an affiliate marketer. My blogs and or articles contain affiliate links. When a reader clicks on my links and decided to buy, sign-up under my link then I get a commission WITHOUT any additional expense from the reader or audience.


How to use Clickfunnels to sell your own physical or digital product?

If you have digital or physical products that you want to sell online, then you can easily create your one-page funnel website on Clickfunnels. Yes, heard it right, You can create a sales funnel for a product launch or product promotions without owning your website.

That being said, the sales funnel will serve as your one-page funnel website where you can showcase your products. You can integrate different payments like tripwire on your Clickfunnels sales page. You can showcase different products and add ut in your funnel. Clickfunnels have integrations with online payment tools.

If you have a digital product to launch and or promote then you might as well use different product launch sales funnel inside Clickfunnels.

Steps in creating a Funnel for a product launch or an Ecom funnel: 
  1. Sign-up or log in to your Clickfunnels account
  2. In your dashboard, choose “Build a Funnel”
  3. Select your Industry
  4. Choose your goal
  5. Choose “Product launch” or “Sell a product”

How to create an ecommerce funnel

7. Edit the funnel according to your preferences

Build your Product launch or e-commerce funnel here.

How to create a funnel

How to use Clickfunnels to host a webinar?

Are you a course creator and want to promote your course or products through a webinar? Then you can create a webinar funnel inside Clickfunnels.

In the Auto webinar funnel, webinars are played every hour round the clock. The webinar funnel has been used and tested by many entrepreneurs selling their products and services in automation.

How awesome is that? Not only that webinars are one of the best ways to convert cold traffic into a paying customer, but also this is a good source of passive income.

You can even choose to upload the webinar on YouTube or Vimeo.

Let’s face it, creating a webinar and a webinar funnel are both time-consuming. But with Clickfunnels webinar templates, you can easily click, edit, and integrate other tools and software in your webinar funnel. Not only are you saving time, but also money as you don’t need any other tools to automize your webinar funnel.

Steps in creating Auto webinar funnel: 
  1. Sign-up or log in to your Clickfunnels account
  2. In your dashboard, choose “Build a Funnel”
  3. Select your Industry
  4. Choose your goal
  5. Choose Auto webinar funnel

Clcikfunnels for webinar

6. Edit the funnel according to your preferences

Auto webinar funnel has both free and paid templates to choose from.

The Auto webinar Funnel has 5 pages:
  1. Webinar Registration Page
  2. Webinar Confirmation Page
  3. Webinar Broadcast Page
  4. Replay Page
  5. Indoctrination pages

Webinar funnel

Every step and webinar instructions will be sent to your audience after they sign-up for your webinar. This is all automated after you set up your webinar funnel. You will see your conversions and income flow passively!

Try the Clickfunnels Auto webinar funnel here.

How to create your sales funnel inside Clickfunnels?

How to create a sales funnel

In my previous post, I have outlined why you should use a sales funnel in your business. You can read it here. But to give you a summary, sales funnel helps you to increase and convert your traffic into a paying customer. Sales funnel is a must-have online marketing tool.

Steps in creating a sales funnel with Clickfunnels:

Clickfunnels offers 2 funnel builder: The CookBook funnel builder and the Classic funnel builder.on your Clicfunnels dashboard click +New Funnels

  1. Then you can choose either The Cookbook funnel builder or the Classic funnel builder.
  2. Next, choose your template.
  3. Then select what your funnel intentions are, either to collect customer data like email, host a webinar, or to sell a product.

How to create a funnel with Clickfunnels

You can integrate your payment gateway if you are building a funnel to sell products or that needed payment

There are various funnel templates that you can easily edit and personalize according to your business goal. You can use sales funnel too for brand awareness.

How to build a sales funnel with Clickfunnels

How to use Clickfunnels to build and grow your email list?

Email marketing is a great way to communicate with your audience. As I have mentioned earlier, that your email list is a free traffic source and is one of your business assets.


So how do you start and grow your email marketing business?
  1. First and one of the most effective ways is to create an irresistible bait.
  2. Drive traffic to your irresistible offer that leads to an opt-in page.
  3. Your traffic will give you their contact information such as an email address in exchange for your awesome offer that you have promised to give.
What irresistible offers to use as bait?
  1. Free ebook
  2. Free cheatsheet
  3. Free case study
  4. Free webinar
  5. Free training or tutorial
  6. and the like
Steps in creating an opt-in page
  1. Go to your Clickfunnel dashboard
  2. Click “Build funnel”
  3. Choose “collect emails” as your goal
  4. Select your templates from the free templates provided
  5. Edit and customize your opt-in page according to your business and brand.

You can also automate emails inside Clickfunnels but I prefer to use Getresponse as my autoresponder. I just integrate my autoresponder with Clickfunnels. You can easily do this in your funnel set up.

How to use Clickfunnels as an extra source of income?

Aside from the above mention uses of Clickfunnels, monetizing my Clickfunnels membership is one of my favorite way to make money with Clickfunnels.

1. So I have mentioned earlier that you can use Clickfunnels for:

    1. sell your digital or physical products by building a Product launch funnel.
    2. Create and automate webinar funnel.
    3. Build your e-commerce funnel.
    4. Create and sell a high coaching funnel
    5. Build and grow your email list for your email marketing business

2. Another way to make money with Clickfunnels is to build a funnel for others.

Yes, you can use your funnel expertise to build a funnel for other businesses. And by the way, you don’t need to be a funnel master to do this. Remember I told you there are funnel templates that are provided that you can easily edit according to your clients’ needs.

You can sell and advertise your expertise to get clients. There are platforms where you can do this like Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, and the like.

3. My favorite way to monetize Clickfunnels is to sign-up as a Clickfunnels affiliate.

You do not need to be a premium member to be a Clickfunnel affiliate, you can apply as an affiliate here. But take note, that Clickfunnels affiliate commission varies from that of a premium member affiliate to a non-premium member.

So if you are not into selling products and services then you can make money with Clickfunnels as an affiliate. It means you will earn a commission for every successful Clickfunnels sign-up. Furthermore, there are many Clickfunnels products and services that you can promote and make money from.

Why use Clickfunnels as to other similar software?

  • Clickfunnels is a well-established brand of products and software
  • Legit business and software to use
  • They have a huge funnel template collections to choose from, both free and paid funnel templates.
  • Easy to use. They provide instructional materials if you are new to Clickfunnels then they provide materials to get to know how to use your software.
  • They are like a one-stop-shop of online marketing products and services. You can build any sales funnel, sales pages, host webinars, build your storefront funnel, and many more.
  • You can apply as an affiliate to make an extra income with Clickfunnels.
  • Clickfunnels offer the online marketing tool and software that every business needs.


If you are feeling lost with all these valuable infoormations and want a step-by-step video tutorial to create your first funnel or want to learn how you can succeed in the digital world business then you can sign-up for the Clcikfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day challenge on how to create and start a seccessful online business. What ever is your niche and your business goal, then the One Funnel Away challenge is best for you. You will get materials and coaching on how to create a funnel that brings you an online income.

The OFA (One Funnel Away Challenge) gives you all the knowledge and training you need to start, create and launch an online business using funnels.

Click here if you want to build and create a money making machine funnel in any niche. 

One funnel away challenge

To sum it up on how to use Clickfunnels, you can use Clickfunnels to start, build, and grow your online marketing business. Not only to build funnels for your physical and digital product sells and launches but you can use Clickfunnels to build your Auto webinar funnel, membership funnel, lead magnet funnels, promote your high ticket coaching services and many more.

Whew! That’s a lot that you can do inside Clickfunnels.

With their simple and easy converting opt-in pages, you can easily grow your email list to skyrocket your email marketing business.

Clickfunnels have it all, from physical products like books to digital products and services to affiliate programs. You name it, they have it. I use Clickfunnels both on my affiliate marketing business and also monetizing my Clickfunnels membership by being a Clickfunnels affiliate.

There’s so much more you can do and use Clickfunnels with. Imagine how you can successfully increase your ROI (Return of investment) in your business by creating and building sales funnels and pages that convert.

Click here to sign-up and get your Clickfunnels free trial. 

Clickfunnels free trial



This is an affiliate website since I am an affiliate marketer. My blogs and or articles contain affiliate links. When a reader clicks on my links and decided to buy, sign-up under my link then I get a commission WITHOUT any additional expense from the reader or audience.

Disclaimer: I am an independent affiliate marketer and is not connected in any way with the below-mentioned companies and personalities.