Is affiliate marketing still good to start this 2022? This is a very common question being asked a lot by so many beginners who want to jump-start affiliate marketing.

Read through till the end and find out if affiliate marketing is still a profitable online business to start from home this year.

affiliate marketinf for beginners

Is affiliate marketing still good to start this 2022?

Yes. Affiliate marketing is still and will be a good online business to start this year and the years to come. There is still and will be a future for affiliate marketing if you know what you are doing. But before that, if you are a total beginner, you can read more about affiliate marketing in this previous blog post.

If there is a perfect time to start affiliate marketing, then that time is NOW! There are some questions of course and some thoughts surrounding affiliate marketing and I will try to address every important detail in this post.

Is affiliate marketing worth it in 2022?

Yes, it is. It is worth starting for, and it is worth trying for. Affiliate marketing has been consistently becoming one of the best and profitable online businesses to start.

The past years of this pandemic have brought more people online to shop, watch, learn, and do almost everything online. So if you started a blog niche about e-commerce, then imagine how many people could have visited your site, click your affiliate link, and boom! there you go, you are earning affiliate commissions.

If you have started also a Youtube channel for the purpose of doing affiliate marketing, then you might be sitting at home while earning affiliate marketing commissions.

My point here is that affiliate marketing is still a good online business to start this 2022 if you only know what you are doing. There is no magic button or this is not a get-rich-quick system, but it does work if you do the work!


Why affiliate marketing is the future?

Affiliate marketing is here and will still be here and will be the future of online businesses. Why affiliate marketing is the future? Affiliate marketing is the future because more people are turning online for almost everything like shopping, e-learning, new apps are being launched and downloaded every day, and so on.

Take a look at Amazon or any other similar online shops. You might have clicked someone else’s link when you bought something in there. Giant companies like Amazon has affiliate marketers and they call it Amazon associates. Big clothing brands or giant technology brands have affiliates promoting their products.

So as long as these gigantic companies and brands are in the market, affiliate marketing will still be an on-demand online business. For as long as we continuously live in this digital world, affiliate marketing will be here and will be still a profitable business to do.

Best affiliate programs for beginners with or without a website

If you want to try affiliate marketing and don’t know which platform to start, then you can choose from the list below. It applies either if you want to do affiliate marketing with or without a website. Take note that you need to apply and get approved as their affiliate before you can start promoting and earning affiliate commissions.

There are also affiliate marketing platforms that accept specific geographic locations, so consider these things when you are going to start affiliate marketing.

Listed below are affiliate marketing platforms and products themselves that have affiliate marketing programs. Some are big names in technology and online business while others are known in the e-commerce world.

  1. Amazon
    • Amazon is a giant e-com business and for sure you can find the niche you want to start with on your affiliate marketing business, I can say that Amazon is good if you have a niche-related blog or a Youtube channel related to your niche.
    • The downside of this is it pays you a very small percentage depending on every product category. Every category varies. So just do the math, you need a thousand clicks to earn a decent commission. But there are lots of Amazon associates who are doing good with Amazon’s affiliate program.
  2. Clickbank
    • Clickbank has a wide array of products to choose from, starting from physical products to digital courses and many more.
    • You can learn more about Clickbank affiliate marketing in this post.
  3. ShareAsale
  4. Jv-Zoo
    • JV-Zoo is more on digital products. Here you can find different digital products in different niches to promote.
  5. Warrior Plus
    • This is similar to JV-Zoo.
  6. Max Bounty
    • Max Bounty is a CPA affiliate marketing platform and you can also find different physical and digital products here. It is an action-based kind of affiliate marketing.
  7. Clickfunnels
    • If you are in the online business world, you probably heard of Clickfunnels or if you are a beginner then this might be your first time to encounter it. Clickfunnels offers a variety of products from physical books, digital products, and training. You can read more about Clickfunnels here.
  8. Shopify
    • Shopify has an affiliate marketing program but they are very selective in choosing their affiliates. Give it a try if you are in the e-commerce business.
  9. If you want to start affiliate marketing in the Crypto business, then you can try the following. Cryptocurrencies and tokens have been gaining popularity and this is the right time to be an affiliate to one of the crypto platforms.
    • Binance
    • Coinbase

Other known clothing and cosmetic brands have their own affiliate marketing program too. S0 try to do your own research on what niche you want to start in your affiliate marketing business.


How to do affiliate marketing with or without a website?

There are tons of ways you can do affiliate marketing with or without a website. If you want a long-term goal for your affiliate marketing, then you might as well start a website or a blog. Learn more about blogging here.

  1. Build a website (Blog)
  2. Write a helpful article on that is related to your product and is helpful to the readers if you don’t want to create a website.
  3. Solo ads. (If you have the budget then you can do paid advertisements.
  4. Youtube channel (Create a Youtube channel related to your niche and put your affiliate link in the description)
  5. Pinterest (Create eye-catching images to post on Pinterest). Learn more about Pinterest here.
  6. Youtube ads
  7. Email marketing
  8. Social Media platforms and many more.

NOTE: Learn the basics of affiliate marketing and advertisement before even planning to do paid advertisement. It can be costly and you will lose money if you do not know what you are doing.


What are some FREE affiliate marketing courses and programs for beginners?

There are free books, and affiliate marketing programs that you can start with as a beginner. I included some paid ones as I find them very affordable yet very useful pieces of training for anyone who wants to start affiliate marketing.

  1. Affiliate Bootcamp Summit (The free one is limited but a very useful affiliate summit, you can join the free one, they have paid as well if you want to continue and access more of it).
  2. Dotcom Secrets (Get your free copy, just pay for the shipping fee).
  3. Affiliate Marketing Business Challenge (Free Video for those who wants to start an online business but don’t know how and where to start)
  4. Insiders Guide E-book  (This costs $1.99, it’s not free but almost free! With just $1.99 you will get so much input about many aspects of affiliate marketing)
  5. 15-day Business Challenge (This costs $7 dollars, no brainer if you want to invest in yourself in learning how to start a successful online business.)
  6. 3-Day Business Challenge (This is also one of the best and very affordable affiliate marketing training courses to start with if you are a beginner.)

There are a lot more courses out there but the above ones are the training I had when I was starting, and I have gained a lot of knowledge from these resources. It is packed with so much information and not to mention, affordable!



If you are asking if affiliate marketing is still good to start this 2022, then yes it is. Affiliate marketing is worth doing this year. More and more people are spending time online, shopping online, and buying courses online. So find a niche you like and is profitable, then find an affiliate platform or go the product itself and apply as an affiliate.

There are some things to consider before starting an affiliate marketing business, first, you need to invest in yourself. read books, watch videos and get a good grasp of affiliate marketing. Not all affiliate platforms are open for all geographic locations, so you might as well do your research on that.

There are a bunch of ways you can do affiliate marketing with or without a website. You can do organic traffic like social media, Pinterest, Youtube, and blogging. If you are starting and already set aside a budget for paid traffic then you can do paid ads like Facebook ads, Youtube ads, solo ads, and the like. Make a plan and research what are the best strategies that are suited for you, your budget, and the affiliate product you are promoting.

I believe that affiliate marketing is still good to start now if you have a concrete plan on how and where to start. Try browsing the 3-day Business Challenge or the 15-day business challenge to start with.


Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. This blog is for educational purposes.


Affiliate Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. I get paid with a certain commission for every successful sale or sign-up WITHOUT any additional cost on your part. I am an independent affiliate marketer and am not in any way related to the personalities and companies mentioned in this blog post.