Are you searching for a profitable online business with low startup costs? Are you a stay-at-home mom, a student, have you been laid off from work, and want to start a successful online business with a minimal start-up cost? Are you wishing that you have had started a profitable online business from home so you could still have a regular and or extra income during these pandemic times?

If yes, then read through the whole article and you will get a lot of insight into a profitable online business with a minimal budget.

Before we’ll get into the details of what is the cheapest online business to start, let’s take a look at the benefits of having your own successful online business.

Online business

work from home

Benefits of having an online business from home.

Your ”WHY”  into starting an online business is the result and benefits of having a home-based internet business. These are as follows.

  • You manage your own time. 
    • Having an online business means you are your own boss. You can work on your own preferred time without a boss checking on you, without an alarm clock waking you up every single day.
  • Online Business is highly scalable.
    • This is one of my favorite benefits of creating an online business. Let’s say you are working 9-5, every month you get the same salary. If you want to increase your salary, then you need to work overtime. You are trading your time for a small salary increase. If you work overtime, then you will miss family time, you get my point?
    • Wherein with an online business, you can scale to the moon your online profits. If you want to increase your online extra income, then you can do so. For example, if you have a blog then multiply the contents you are publishing, if you have a Youtube channel, you can monetize in different ways. It applies to affiliate marketing and other online business ideas that I will be discussing below.
  • You will have Financial freedom.
    • Everyone wants to attain financial freedom but not everyone is willing to change what they are doing right now for a better future.
    • When you laid out your online business plan and attain success, you will of course attain financial freedom.
    • With a regular job, financial freedom is almost out of reach, why? You will work 8 hrs a day, you will receive the same salary a month, you will pay the same bill, what is left now? A few bucks? You cannot even afford a vacation…yeah, I know but it’s all up to you to make a plan and change where you are right now.
  • You will have more family time or I call it TIME FREEDOM.
    • You don’t get to spend much time with your family, friends, and other loved ones as much as you want to when you have a regular job.
    • Having your own online business that brings in extra cash or passive income weekly or monthly gives you that time freedom.
    • You can work on your online business in the morning for 2 hours, then another 1 hour in the afternoon and the rest of the day is for your family. It’s your call!
    • You get to decide when you want to stay home and play and care for your kids, for your parents without having to call your boss and ask for sick leave.
  • You can do online business anytime and anywhere.
    • Since you are your own boss and your business is online, then you can do your work anytime and anywhere. All you need is a laptop or a mobile phone, internet and you are good to go!
    • A regular job requires you to be physically in that place doing your work, you don’t control when and where you are going to work with a regular job.
  • You can decide to hire your own team.
    • Since you are the boss, and if you want to scale your online business then you can decide to hire your own team to help you out. You can hire virtual assistants, hire content creators, editors, designers, etc. But do this once your business is up and running successfully. Unless of course if you have the budget to do so from the start. But since we are talking about low start-up online business, I will not elaborate on those things.

Affiliate Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. I get paid with a certain commission for every successful sale or sign-up WITHOUT any additional cost on your part. I am an independent affiliate marketer and am not in any way related to the personalities and companies mentioned in this blog post.

Profitable online business with low startup costs

In no particular order, these are the low-cost online business opportunity you can start from home today. My top 3 favorites are blogging, Youtube content creator, and affiliate marketing, but of course there’s a lot more low-cost online business opportunity that is doable by anyone without prior experience and without spending a fortune.

Below is a breakdown of online business with a cheap startup cost but with high profits.

1. Blogging. You can start a blog for as low as $10 startup cost.

Blogging as an online business

    • Time: You can start blogging as an online side hustle. When you have a regular job, you need to sacrifice waking up 2 hours earlier or sleeping an hour late to write your blog content. If you are a stay-at-home mom, try to find time to write when your kids are at school or when your baby naps.
      • It’s all about action and finding time to start and finish something.
    • Budget: 
      • Web hosting platform: 
        • BlueHost: Start at $3.95 a month for shared hosting.
            • Easy step-by-step setup
            • Free domain for the first year
            • Free 24/7 lifetime support
            • WordPress total design freedom
        • Google sites: You can build your blog through Google sites and is free, but I do not recommend doing this. I recommend that you will own your own website.
      • Domain name: $1.98-$10.00 per year
        • Domain name price varies depending on what you want to have .com, .net, .org, and the like.
        • The domain name is incredibly cheap, that price range is for a year, if you even want to have that domain name for 2 or more years then some companies offer discounts. You can Google Namecheap or GoDaddy and find a domain name that is related to your niche.
      • Content:
        • Since we are talking of a low startup cost online business, I recommend you do the initial 30 blog posts. By doing so, you will know more about how to write and know more about your business.
        • If you decide to hire a content writer, then the price range varies from $15 up per article. Depending on how long the article is and the quality of the content.
        • You can check FIVERR, UPWORK, and other related platforms if you want to hire writers.
        • If you are a beginner and you are worried about grammar errors, then you can use GRAMMARLY. It has a free version that you can use unlimited, they have a paid version as well, but the free version is a good start to build your confidence in writing your initial blog posts.
      • Keyword Research tools: FREE. Find a niche or topic using free keyword research tools.
        • Google search, Google trends, Google keyword planner.
        • Answerthepublic
        • Ubersuggest: Both have a free and paid version.
        • Jaaxy: Paid and Free. This is a paid keyword tool but you can sign-up and get a free 30 searches. 
        • Keyword Finder: This is an affordable keyword tool to start with.
      • I have an entire article about how to start a blog for beginners, you can read it here if you are interested.
      • Blog Course: FREE Youtube
        • There are many blog experts that have a Youtube channel. Follow them when you are starting and you will surely learn tons of free knowledge.
        • I recommend Youtube channels like Income School, Doug Cunnington, Miles Becker, Matthew Woodward, and many more. I am not an affiliate nor do I know them. I just felt like they are genuine people giving away free knowledge about blogging.
        • There are many ways you can monetize a blog or a website.
          • Google AdSense: If you are starting, then this is a good option, you will not get rich with Google Adsense but this is a good start.
          • Ezoic: Ezoic pays a lot better than Google Ads, but you need bigger traffic before you can apply. After establishing your blog then you can switch to Ezoic and other similar advertising agencies and platforms.
          • Affiliate marketing. This is my favorite, you can earn better with affiliate marketing, first, find a niche, start your blog, find an affiliate product related to your niche, and promote that through your blog. Learn more about doing affiliate marketing here in my earlier post.
          • Sell your own products. Through blogging, you can sell your own products and services like eCommerce, eCourse, eBook, etc. The sky is the limit!

DISCLAIMER: Blogging is a profitable online business but it takes time for your website or your blog to gain traffic. The secret to blogging is to find low-competitive keywords to target in your niche. Work for your content and DON’T GIVE UP TOO EARLY. This is not a get-rich-quick system.



2. Start a YouTube channel for almost ZERO start-up cost.

YouTube online business

      • TIME: 
        • Just like blogging, make a plan and set aside at least 2-3 hours a day initially to make content, edit and publish.
        • If you don’t like showing your face, there are many options for the Youtube niche that is faceless.
      • BUDGET: 
        • Use your phone to make videos or film your videos.
        • Use OpenShot or Shotcut to edit and compile your content. These are FREE video editors you can use.
        • Use the FREE Canva version to make your YouTube intro and outro and logo as well.
      • YouTube keyword search tools and analytics.
        • You can try Tubebuddy. Download for free the Chrome extension. To access other important features then it will just cost around $9.
        • Aside from Tubebuddy, you can also use the free version of VidIq.
        • You can also use Google Trends and Exploding topics to see trending topics in your niche.
      • Course:
        • There are tons of successful Youtuber who are giving free information on how to start a Youtube channel, just be careful not to fall on those other tons of fake gurus.
        • You can earn money with Youtube through ads.
        • If you are a good content creator, you can land sponsorships and other product deals that are willing to pay you for a simple video you will make for them.
        • You can use Youtube to sell merchandise, affiliate products, and many more.

3. Affiliate Marketing Business.

Affiliate Marketing

      • Time:
        • It varies, but at least set aside an hour or two of your day to do affiliate marketing business.
      • BUDGET:
        • It’s tricky to estimate the initial budget of the affiliate marketing business. As mentioned above, you can monetize your blog and Youtube channel with affiliate products.
        • Another way of doing affiliate marketing is through social media ads or you can drive traffic to your affiliate marketing business using PINTEREST and that is FREE! Read more about Pinterest here.
        • Learn how you can use the famous TikTok platform to drive unlimited traffic to your online business for just $1!
      • Course:


4. START AN ETSY SHOP: You can start an Etsy shop for as low as $.20 (Depending on how many listings you want to start with)

      • Time: 
        • Time varies when setting up an ETSY Shop business. If you are starting a digital art shop or a print-on-demand shop, then you can consume about an hour to two every day in designing your artworks or your print-on-demand designs.
        • If you are opening an Etsy shop for your physical products, then you might be needing more time because you will be doing everything from making your crafts to listing to posting to your customers.
        • I recommend opening an Etsy shop to sell digital arts.
      • Budget:
        • When you are starting, then you can use the FREE version of Canva, or upgrade with Pro as this doesn’t cost much as compared to every features you will be getting. Read more about Canva here.
      • Profit:
        • Canva listing is so cheap that you can list your product for as low as $.20 per listing and Etsy will also charge a transaction fee of 5% of your selling price.
        • You decide the tag price of every product you will be listing, so your income comes after the Etsy 5% transaction fee and the $.20 listing fee.

5. Write and sell an Ebook or Start KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) on Amazon

      • Time:
        • You need more time to research your niche to make sure you will be writing something that people want to buy.
        • You may need more time on this type of online business but if you want, then you can source out your content on Upwork, Fiverr, and the like.
      • Budget:
        • If you will be writing your own eBook, then you might want to use Grammarly to help you with grammar and plagiarism. You can use the Free version or you can buy the Grammarly Premium which is $25/month (billed monthly). The yearly subscription is cheaper if you want to get a discount.
      • Profit:
        • You decide your profit because you set up the price of your eBook. What is good about eBooks is that you write them now and you can sell as many as you want.
        • Check Amazon KDP for their Royalty fees.

6. Make a digital course

      • Don’t get scared when I said digital course. Every one of us has our own expertise and experiences. Out of your experience and expertise, then make a digital course.
      • You can record yourself, use Google docs or Microsoft slide shows, and or Canva to create your course presentations.
      • Are you good at making digital art? Do you have expertise in knitting, calligraphy, and other hobbies that you want to make a course out of it?
      • Sit down and take a time to reflect on what is your expertise that you want to share. Someone out there is ready to learn those things, so make your course now!
      • You can sell your digital course on Udemy, Teachable, and so on.



The online business ideas with low investment and high profits are blogging, Youtube channel, affiliate marketing, Etsy Shop business, selling eBooks, and selling digital courses.

These are all low-cost start-up online businesses that you can start from home today. It doesn’t require a big budget and doesn’t require you to be an expert. All you need to start is a goal, motivation, a laptop, the internet, and you!

My top choices for the best business to start with little money are blogging, Youtube channel, and affiliate marketing. All because the profit is high and does not break a bank to start. Once you get started, you can source out your content and make these online businesses passive.

It is a bit scary to start an online business but if you believe in yourself that you can do it then you can.

The benefits of having an online business are more than enough reasons for you to start your online business and take hold of your time and money.

The above-mentioned are the most profitable online business to start with almost zero to a minimal budget. I did not include online side hustles like freelance, virtual assistant, online tutor, etc. These are online extra side hustles that you can start with a zero budget and without experience. There’s a difference between a side hustle or work at home job with a work-at-home business.

Are you ready to take your online journey? Let’s talk.



Affiliate Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. I get paid with a certain commission for every successful sale or sign-up WITHOUT any additional cost on your part. I am an independent affiliate marketer and am not in any way related to the personalities and companies mentioned in this blog post.