Sales Funnel Mastery Course Review. Is it legit or a scam?

Update: I no longer promote Sales Funnel Mastery Course. Doug is real and is supportive with his students, it’s just my personal decision to promote other affordable courses than I am into.

So if you are still interested in starting an online business and make that online income dream of yours, you can check this out. With just $7, you can get started with the 15-day online business challenge.

What is Sales Funnel Mastery Course?

Sales funnels are widely being used on the online market. These sales funnel course will teach you how to master and successfully use it in your business. The Sales Funnel Mastery Course will teach you how to use Clickfunnels in your business. The course covers 5 different ways to monetize your Clickfunnels in Design mastery, Agency mastery, Infoproduct mastery, E-Commerce mastery, Affiliate mastery.

Sales Funnels Mastery is taught by Doug Boughton. Doug is one of ClickFunnel’s most dedicated and passionate affiliates, course creator, agency owner, and Globally recognized sales funnel designer.

His work has been featured on QVC, Home Shopping Network, Amazon, Wayfair, Target, eBay, Home Depot and in the ClickFunnels Marketplace.

What´s even make you to believe in him is that he has nothing when he started his journey. We went from -$444 in his bank account to now $50,000+ in less than 5 months. So this guy knows what he is talking about. In addition to that, he won Clickfunnels´s dream car challenge in 2 months time, wait what? Now, do you believe in him that this guy know what he is talking about?

Wondering what is Clickfunnels? You can read my Clickfunnels blog here.

Sales funnels mastery course doug boughton

Course outline

This awesome course has a FREE course and a Paid course.

Inside the free course is a:

  • Welcome video
  • 5 Ways to monetize Clickfunnels
    • Sell your templates
    • Starting an agency
    • Sell your experience
    • Creating an offer
    • Affiliate Lesson 1
  • Everything Clickfunnels
      • ClickFunnels Overview
      • ClickFunnels Tour
      • The Editor: Getting Started
      • The Editor: Build From Scratch
      • Creating A Members Area
      • Uploading Digital Assets
      • Adding Products & Taking Payments
      • Integrating Email Autoresponder
      • ClickFunnels and Zapier
      • Social Proof that Converts
      • Custom Domains
      • Promoting ClickFunnels
      • You Are Appreciated!
  • Resources and Training
    • Funnel templates

And to access the other lessons or the full course, you need to upgrade

  • Affiliate Mastery class
  • Design Mastery
    • Introduction
    • Import Homapage Funnel Template
    • Design Inspiration
    • Background Images
    • Typography
    • Colors
    • Graphics
    • Custom CSS
    • Sell your funnel designs
    • Design Hacker Master class with Kathryn Jones
  • Agency Mastery
    • Introduction
    • Import agency funnel template
    • Import business funnel templates
    • Service creation
    • Prospecting Methods
    • Proposals, Contracts, Invoicing
    • Client onboarding
    • Fulfillment
    • Organizing Client´s customers’ databases
    • Customer Research master class with Jeff Miller
  • Course and webinar mastery
    • Introduction
    • Import webinar/ course funnel template
    • Offer creation
    • The launch
    • The beta program
    • Course creation
    • Membership area
    • The perfect webinar
    • Creating an affiliate program
    • Webinar master class with Austin Dixon
  • E-commerce mastery
    • Introduction
    • Import e-commerce template
    • Product sourcing mastery class with Cyn Meadows
    • Start selling best selling products
    • Adding products and taking payments
    • Start driving a flood of hungry buyers
    • Fulfillment
    • Print-on-demand model
    • Customer retention hacks
    • E-commerce masterclass with Peter Pru
  • Affiliate marketing mastery
    • Introduction
    • Import affiliate funnel template
    • Clickfunnels value ladder
    • Finding your audience
    • Creating systems
    • Bonus offers
    • Email marketing
    • Long term affiliate retention
    • Great offers that work with CF
    • How I won the dream car in 2 months masterclass
  • Traffic Mastery
    • Introduction
    • YouTube
    • Facebook funnel
    • Facebook groups
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Quora
    • SEO
    • Dream 100 method
    • Group growth masterclass with Andrew Kroeze

This is a screenshot of my Sales Funnels Mastery account. I am inside Sales Funnels Mastery Course so I know what I am talking about here.

sales funnels mastery

So, looking at the course outline, you will be learning tons and tons of topics within the online business that covers almost all types of money-making online business. From Clickfunnels to monetizing CF, agency master class, product creations, webinars, e-commerce, affiliate marketing and so much more. Isn´t that awesome?

You´ll be finishing the course with tons of knowledge and confidence to start and launch your own business whatever you chose from affiliate marketing to e-commerce or agency building? Sounds great yeah? This means that you are getting more than the value of what you´re paying for. Of course let´s not forget the great student support from Doug himself and his team.


Final Verdict: 100% LEGIT

Sales Funnel Mastery Course is highly recommended. Whether you are a beginner, have some knowledge or intermediate you will definitely benefit from this course. You can access the free course and if you don´t like it then you keep to stay inside the free course, if you like it and want to go further then you can upgrade to the paid course anytime. Besides Clickfunnels offers a 14 days FREE trial period so you can try the free course of Sales Funnel Mastery Period with the free trial period of Clickfunnels. Nothing to lose!

clickfunnels trial period                                      sales funnels mastery free coursedream car challenge

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