What is a blog or blogging?

Blog– (definition from Cambridge dictionary) a website on which one person or group puts new information regularly, often every day; weblog.

  •  a regular record of your thoughts, opinions, or experiences that you put on the internet for other people to read.

Blogging has been popular because it can be a good source of information, business companies and personal brand owners keep their customers or clients up to date about their offers and promotions, it is a good source of traffic and income stream, and last but not the least people can interact and exchange opinions through blog comments.

There are some free and paid tools that you need to have when starting a blog. This will be discuss below.

What are the purposes of blogs

There are many reasons for blogging. The purpose of writing a blog is also connected with what you are going to write on your blog.

  1. School projects
  2. business
      • promote or sell products and or services (income generation). Bloggers can put ads on their site like cost per click (CPC) or pay per click (PPC) banners.
      • brand awareness- business owners makes use of blogging to let their brand be known to the market they are in. It is either a company or a personal brand itself. Many business online experts use blogging to establish their expertise in different niches.
      • email list marketing or lead generation- bloggers use newsletter sign-ups or pop-ups to capture leads and sales
  3. express your thought and opinions about certain topics that you are passionate about like, history, politics, environment and many more
  4. solve a problem and or help people – some bloggers write about “how to” topics that is related to their expertise to help people solve or find a solution to their problems

How to structure a blog?

  1. Make a catchy headline (add some keywords)
  2. Introduction
  3. Main point 1
  4. Main point 2
  5. Main point 3
  6. Conclusion

Depending on where you want to insert a photo that supports your main point then you can do so. At least insert or provide an eye-catching photo that is related to your topic. You can as well insert your brand logo if you want to

If it’s necessary then you make a link at the bottom to the original blog or to credit original authors.

Refer to the photos below for another example of blog structure.

What to write about in a blog?

What you are going to write in a blog is almost the same as to what is your reason on why you are starting a weblog.

  1. What are you passionate about?
      • Think of a niche or topic you are passionate about. What are your strong points that you are comfortable to write about and share it with your readers.
      • Or an experience or story you want to share where readers can relate and or learn from it.

    2. Solution to a problem

      • What problems have you encountered and found a solution to it. You can write and share about these things.
      • What does people often asks online? (Do a keyword search)
      • Make a goal to provide helpful articles to your readers.

   3. Blog for business

      • Business owners, personal brand owners and affiliate marketers use blogging to generate income.
      • You can write a blog about the affiliate programs you are affiliated with and insert your affiliate links on it.
      • Write about a product review.
      • Write about the products you are selling if you are in ecommerce.

What are the best website builders?

Website is a must in blogging and is one of the most needed tool or platform. You can choose from these website builders.

  1. WordPress
    1. WordPress as a software is free to download and use. However, to use WordPress on the web, you will need WordPress Hosting
    2. thousands of plug-ins
    3. numerous pre-build templates to choose from
    4. more of a content management system


2. Bluehost

    1. one of the largest website hosting providers
    2. FREE Domain Name for 1st Year
    3. FREE SSL Certificate Included
    4. 1-Click WordPress Install
    5. 24/7 Support
    6. *they have special intro offer and 30-day money back guarantee (conditions applies)
    7. shared web hosting
    8. wordpress hosting


3. Wix

    1. by using drag and drop tools, Wix allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites
    2. has a variety of Wix-developed third party application
    3. with functions such as social plug-ins, e-commerce, online marketing, contact forms, e-mail marketing, and community forums
    4. has a Wix store where you can sell your products and get paid online
    5. has a Wix logo maker
    6. has a Wix SEO Wiz
    7. has a Wix video maker that you can create and share to your readers

WIX Website Plan

WIX Business and e-commerce plan



4. Wealthy AffiliateAlthough Wealthy affiliate is an online training platform, they can also serve the purpose of website builders.

  1.  Wealthy Affiliate is different with Wix and bluehost but bloggers can do almost everything inside wealthy affiliate.
  2. You can buy and host your domain inside Wealthy affiliate
  3. Has WordPress integration to customize your website
  4.  Integrated with grammar checker
  5. Has Jaaxy keyword research
  6. Responsive community and very good customer’s service


Keyword research tools for your blog content

Keyword research tools is very important to rank your blog on search engines. With keyword tools, you will know what words to add as keywords to your blogs in order to rank on SEO (search engine optimization). Listed below is one of the best keyword tools recommendation that you can choose from.

Optimize your site with keyword research tools to rank and gain more visitors.



  1. Advertising research
  2. Display advertising tools
  3. Backlinks
  4. Keywords research
  5. Product listing ads
  6. Traffic analytics

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  1. Keyword research
  2. Site rank
  3. Alphabet Soup (by utilizing the alphabet letters, you can find additional keywords under your niche)
  4. Brainstorm
  5. Trainings



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