This blog post will teach you what is a sales funnel and the basics of sales funnel that you can use to increase traffic and income business.

In this digital era, many businesses are using a sales funnel to get customers and to get more sales. If you have a business and not using a sales funnel then you are missing a big chunk of the online marketing revenue. In this blog I will be discussing what a sales funnel is, phases of a sales funnel, uses of a sales funnel, how and where to build a sales funnel. So stay tuned and read till the end.


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What is a sales funnel?

If you are wondering what a sales funnel is, just litirally imagine a physical funnel, you pour in liquid on the big opening and slowly it will flow to its small exit opening that goes to a container. Same is through with a sales funnel, you bring traffic to the funnel and those traffic will be filtered down as it goes into different phases of the funnel. 

What is a sales funnel?

As you can see on the photo above, you will drive general traffic, it means these are mostly cold traffic, then along the way or in a different phase of a funnel, those traffic will be filtered down and will be turned as warm traffic ending up as customers or buyers.

A funnel in marketing is a multi-stepped funnel that converts a cold traffic into a warm traffic. The idea of using a funnel into your business is to generally drive and collect leads. Those leads can be turned into a valuable custumer if you know how to retarget them and turn them as paying customers. 

A sales funnel is designed according to a person’s buying psychology. Where and how you bring traffic to the funnel is every business’s owner preferences. But designing a funnel itself entails a creful planning and analogy. Of course you want to build a sales funnel that converts. 

Upsell sales funnel

Look at the photo above, This is an example of a sales funnel in our real world. If you go and buy a burger in a certain food chain, the server will offer you drinks, and offer you fries, at the end, you ended up buying burger, drinks and fries, while infact you went there wity the intention of buying a burger only. This is the psychology behind a sales funnel.

Sales funnel in e-commerce, digital products, real state, and other business differ from each other but the purpose of doing sales funnel in every business is the same. and that is to get as many as cold leads that will be converted into warm leads.

What are the steps or phases of a funnel?

Your marketing plan should include the basic phases of a funnel. And your funnel should be designed in a way to warm up and convert your cold audiences into paying customers. 

The goal of a sales funnel after you drive traffic to the funnel is:


Each of these requires a different marketing approach to convert them into paying customers.

Your traffic will be going through different stages of the funnel. 

  1. Driving traffic
  2. Bridge funnel
  3. Collect Emails
  4. Offer page
  5. Upsell page
  6. Downsell page
  7. Membership page

Take into consideration that every business, every funnel may have different phases or stages depending on what your business goal, product, or intentions are. The above-mentioned funnel phases are just a basic example.


There are many ways to drive traffic to your funnels. This can be in the form of paid ads like Google ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and the like. Some marketers are good at driving organic traffic to their businesses. Organic traffic is free traffic. Organic traffic can be done through blogs, YouTube videos (if you have a YouTube channel), social media posting, and many more.

Type of Traffic 

  • Cold Traffic – Cold traffic is the type of leads who never heard or not familiar with you and your business. Cold traffic is harder to convert but there is a process to successfully convert cold traffic into a paid customer.

               The goal for cold traffic is to retarget them that is why there are retargeting funnels or retargeting ads to warm up the cold audience. One thing you must have in this stage are retargeting emails. Drive email sequences in this stage.

  • Warm Traffic – This type of audience might be already on your email list. They are somewhat familiar with you and your product but still need some more marketing to convince them to buy your offers.
  • Hot Traffic – These types of leads are the ones that are already in your customer list, they know you and your product well or they might have bought from you in the past. You have already an established relationship with this type of traffic and conversion is a lot easier for them. 

Of these three types of traffic, cold traffic requires more work and effort. It is because you and your brand are unknown to them. You need to get their attention and trust before you’ll get them to buy what you are offering. Email retargeting is very important here. 

2.Bridge Funnel

Your bridge funnel is very crucial. This is where you will first be sending your traffic. Some marketers will drive traffic to a bridge funnel then redirect to a final landing page. On the other hand, some marketers will drive traffic to a bridge funnel to collect emails for retargeting purposes. 

I would prefer using a bridge funnel to collect emails and grow my email list for my future email marketing. But I also knew some successful marketers who do not collect emails, rather send the traffic to a bridge page and redirect them to an offer. So basically, it varies according to your preferences and business goals.

A bridge funnel can be a squeeze page to collect emails, a quiz lander, and the like.

3. Collect emails

Phase 3 of a sales funnel is connected with the second phase. But as I have mentioned earlier, this funnel phase may not exist to other online marketer’s sales funnel because they opt not to collect emails instead redirect the traffic to an offer. 

You may or may not do this, it is up to your business goals as I have said. 

I do personally collect emails on my sales funnel because I am growing my list for my email marketing. You must have your retargeting email sequences ready on your email autoresponder. 

An email autoresponder is a very helpful must-have tool in any online business.

Why do I suggest email marketing? Well, I do believe and is proven that email marketing is one of the best ways to create brand awareness. Your leads will know you and your offer better through email marketing. It is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your customers. 

Furthermore, your email list is yours, which is free traffic when you want to offer something else, or if you have a new product then you can easily introduce to your targeted audience through email.

4. Offer Page

In this phase of the funnel, you must have a catching offers. A valuable one that is important to your customer. Highlight what this offer can do to them and why they must buy them. This is your main offer. 

5. Upsell Page

This is the next sales funnel wherein you can x10 your ROI. If your funnel is not offering an upsell page then you are missing something big here. 

Upsell page means you will offer something more expensive than what your customer originally buy. This varies from business to business. 

6. Downsell Page

You can probably guess what is this page all about when you offer your customer the upsell but decided not to buy the upsell, then you can have a downsell page as a backup sales page. If your customer is not interested in your upsell offer then try a cheaper offer (that is why it’s called down-sell). 

This time, your customer might get your down-sell offer because it is cheaper with what you are offering in your upsell. Sometimes it is easier to offer a cheaper product than a high ticket one so you must design your marketing plan in a way that you’ll not leave money out of the table. So your plan should have both the upsell and the down-sell.

7. Membership page

This is optional and is dependent on what your niche is and what you’re offering. 


How to build a sales funnel?

Building sales funnels for beginners can be very much of a headache especially if you are a beginner and have limited knowledge about sales funnel. 

Thanks to a funnel software, I was able to build simple converting funnels that I am using for my affiliate products. You can also hire someone to do this for you, but I will show you how to do it so you can try making your own sales funnels for your business. 

I am using Clickfunnels in all my sales funnel so I will show you how to build a sales funnel using Clickfunnels. There are other options if you do not want Clickfunnels. You can learn more about Clickfunnels here.

This illustration shows the basic stages of a sales funnel. Again, every individual has its own business goal so sales funnel varies but they are aimed un converting traffic into paying customers.

How to build a sales funnel

What are the types of sales funnels?

There are many types of funnels that you can create according to your business and niche. These are as follows:

1. Sales funnels for e-commerce business / Storefribt funnel

2. Webinar funnel

3.Membership funnel

4. Product launch funnel

5. Lead generation funnel

6. Event funnel

7. Application funnel

8. Survey funnel

9. Others

These are the different types of funnels. Inside Clickfunnels, you can easily make, build, and launch your funnels. It is a user-friendly funnel software that lets you create or if not customize a template provided. 


There you go, I have laid out the basics of what a sales funnel is. Sales funnel is a must-have thing in your business. A successful sales funnel can x10 your ROI. Know how to offer irresistible bait in exchange for their emails. That being said, you need an autoresponder for your email marketing. Believe me, you do not like to do email marketing manually!

 Even if there are different types of sales funnel, the goal or main aim is to collect traffic, build awareness, turn your traffic into leads, and buying customers. Building a funnel that converts takes time and requires careful planning.

You need to know where and who your audience is so that you can easily target them. and you can create profitable funnel accordingly. You need to understand your traffic to have a successful marketing plan and that includes your sales funnel creation. 

Give them irresistible bait to click on your ads, then your offer. Not everyone will end up buying your offer that is why you will need a retargeting plan, you need to have a retargeting funnel and automated emails all setup and ready to be sent to your customers.

Clickfunnels is a very good software and platform that I am personally using in building or creating my sales funnel. You can, of course, try other platforms.


This is an affiliate website since I am an affiliate marketer. My blogs and or articles contain affiliate links. When a reader clicks on my links and decided to buy, sign-up under my link then I get a commission WITHOUT any additional expense from the reader or audience.

Disclaimer: I am an independent affiliate marketer and is not connected in any way with the below-mentioned companies and personalities.