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What is a sales funnel?

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I would assume that we all know what a funnel looks like and how we use it in our homes and or in our business. Literally speaking funnels are used to transfer something like liquid into another container.

Unlike the physical funnel that we know, sales funnels are used in another way in the business world. In digital marketing, not all traffic that you direct to your funnel will exit the tip of the funnel instead traffic will be filtered by awareness, decision, and actions.

The steps and or stages of the funnel depends on what type of business, niche, and goals you have. The process starts when the traffic you sent to your funnel becomes aware of your offer,  they then enter the decision phase and end up doing the action which is either to buy or sign-up for whatever offer you have. Below is a simple illustration of what and how a funnel works.

sales funnels

We are living in a digital world and if you are not using funnels in your business then you are missing something big. Funnels can multiply your ROI (return of investment), or grow your sales, grow your email list and so much more.

Affiliate Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. I get paid with a certain commission for every successful sale or sign-up WITHOUT any additional cost on your part.

What are funnels for? Use of funnels in marketing.

There are many uses of funnels in digital marketing.

  • Funnels are multi-process that lets you collect prospects.
  • Turns cold traffic or warm traffic into a lead. Most probably that your prospect will not make a decision the first time they will see your offer.
  • There is still getting to know the process. Some may even search about you or your offer.
  • Some will sign-up, some will decide to buy, others will exit.
  • So there are sequences that you can follow to turn your cold traffic into customers.
  • From your prospects who saw or visited your funnel and turn them into a successful lead.

Marketers know how to psychologically attracts buyers. Buying something is more on a psychological impulse that is why funnel builders must offer a bait to attract customers.

So basically funnels are for everyone who wants to multiply their traffic and sales, launch a course or a product, etc.
A funnel can increase your sales by offering an up-sell, down-sell, one-time-offer (OTO).

  •  e-commerce
  •  webinars
  • surveys
  • digital courses
  • and many more

Below is an example of a funnel template from Dotcomsecrets book resources.

ecom funnel

webinar funnel template

As mentioned earlier, not everybody who enters your funnel will end up buying your offer. That is why it is important to build a funnel that can communicate with your audience. You can introduce your products or brand to the public through a funnel.

The funnel is like a bridge to you and your products or services to your audience.

Understanding sales funnel, stages of the funnel, sales funnel templates and how a sales funnel works

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Sales funnel is like a bridge between your products and services to the hungry buyers.

Sales funnel stages vary depending on your funnel offers but the goal is the same, and that is to catch and filter your prospects to get to buy your offer. With sales funnel your traffic will enter different stages as follows

  • awareness
  • interest or desire
  • committed leads
  • buyers

sales funnel

You can drive traffic into your funnels, some will be interested and will commit to buy or sign- up, while others need time to decide and others will just ignore it. That is why it is important to build a funnel that can psychologically connect with the audience.

Funnels for different niches

Making a funnel that can successfully convert cold traffic takes time and planning. It’s good that Russell Brunson came up with Clickfunnels that you can easily make a sales funnel even you are not a techie.

Inside Clickfunnels, there are hundreds of sales funnel templates that you can use. Depending on your preferences and your niche, you can edit the sales funnel template to coordinate with what your offers are. With Clickfunnels you can easily edit and personalize sales funnel templates that are already available for use.

I have reviewed Clickfunnels on my other blog and you can read it more here.

Process in building a sales funnel

The sales funnel process starts when you send traffic to your funnel. Your prospects will then be aware of your brand, services or products, not all will end up on the second stage which is interest or desire and that is pretty much normal.

In the business world, you cannot make someone take your offers at first glance. It is more about building trust and establishing a relationship between your audience and your offers. Likewise not all those who enter the second stage will end up on the other end. In digital marketing, advertisers will add a pixel to their websites and ads so they can re-target them if they have shown interest in their funnel offers.

Clickfunnels has tons of funnel templates available for use. You can edit and customize according to your own preferences. All you need is to have a Clickfunnels account for the templates to be saved on your funnel dashboard. You can sign-up for the 14 day trial period here.

How to build a successful marketing funnel?

Building and launching a successful funnel for your marketing needs is not that easy. Russell Brunson, the master of funnels has written best selling books called Dotcom secrets and Experts secrets that discuss funnels more in-depth. The best thing is you can get these books for free, just pay a small shipping fee.

  1. A successful funnel entails planning, testing and having a very good offer.
  2. Reverse engineer a successful funnel of your competitors and model what they are doing. Take note not to copy but to model from them.
  3. Make a good bait. Hook-Story-Offer
  4. Make your funnels simple. Do not over complicate things, sometimes the simpler, the better.
  5. Know your traffic. Cold-warm-hot

Framing funnels for different types of traffic temperature

Success does not only rely on the funnels but also knowing your traffic. Know your audience so you can communicate with them differently. Cold traffic needs more time to convert. They need more time to know and trust you as compared to warm traffic, the same is through with warm traffic compared to hot traffic.

3 types of traffic

  1. Cold
  2. Warm
  3. Hot

Cold traffic are the ones who have no idea of what you are offering or who you are. These are the people who just saw your offer for the first time. They have a problem and they are looking for a solution. Probably they just came across your offer or banner on their news feed but there is doubt if they will trust your offer or not. This kind of traffic is harder to convert so you need a plan on how to get these customers to buy your offer. Blogs, testimonials are good ways to convert cold traffic into prospective buyers.

Warm traffic are people who might have the same connections as you do. They might have come across your offer before but did not take your bait.

Hot traffic is the public who already knows you and your offer. They are your subscribers, contacts on your email list, members of your group page, friends and family who already trust you. Hot traffic is easier to convert as compared to cold and warm traffic because you already established a relationship with them. Communication has long been started with them so you can easily make them grab your bait.

Building a funnel from scratch. A sales funnel formula.

  1. Niche

What niche are you going to target? Who are your hungry clients? Who are your offers and services for?

Top 3 hot niches are wealth, health and relationship. These are the top 3 profitable niches that you can dive into. There are tons of niches that you can research and know what you think is best for you.

2. Where? Where are these people who have problems with wealth, health and relationship? Where are you going to find your hungry customers? I have discussed traffic sources in my previous article, you can read it here.

3. Bait. What will be your bait for the audience to get hooked on your offer? Your bait can be a

  •  free cheatsheet
  • free report
  • free webinar
  • free book or e-book
  • free health guide or recipe
  • and others that are relevant to your offer.

Your bait is very important so you can get your clients’ attention when you will launch your funnel.


Sales funnel is an important core of any business either online or offline.  Sales funnel helps to collect leads, convert cold traffic into a buyer and increase traffic and sales.

We are in a digital world and you can make use of funnels to reach unlimited audiences that are looking for solutions and answers about their problem. Phases of funnels are awareness, interest, decision, and action.

The sales funnel marketing can be a very successful tool in increasing your sales if you know how to monetize it.  Know what your audience wants and offer them a solution. By using funnels you can multiply your traffic and sales by offering upsells, cross-sells or down sells.

There’s so much more with funnels and it is up to you to customized, personalized according to your products and according to what your audience want. Stick with the simple funnel formula which is hook, story, and offer.

Funnels may sound simple but there are integrations you need to do in order to successfully collect leads and re-target them with your email sequences when they opt-in. You can integrate your marketing sales funnel to Getresponse. This will automate email sequences once a customer will opt-in on your landing page. Automated emails will save you a lot of time, imagine the time you need to put in if you are doing it manually.

If you need help in building and launching a funnel for your business then you can sign-up for the One Funnel Away Challenge. OFA will help you step by step to create and launch your successful funnel with-in 30 days. This is a 30-day training that will help you build and launch a successful funnel. I have written a review about One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) here.

one funnel away challenge

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Affiliate Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. I get paid with a certain commission for every successful sale or sign-up WITHOUT any additional cost on your part.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way related to Clickfunnels or to any of the personalities mentioned above. This is my personal review of the product as I have gone through this challenge myself.