What is affiliate marketing?

Let us dive in on what is affiliate marketing and the best affiliate marketing programs to join.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts (Wikipedia)

So basically affiliate marketing involves two parties, first is the vendor or merchant. The vendor or merchant owns the product, services or programs. The vendor then wants to reach a wider audience and builds an affiliate program that will sell and or promote the affiliate program. The seller or promoter through an is called affiliates.

Every affiliate gets unique affiliate links that he or she can use during the promotion of an affiliate program. Affiliates receive a commission from the vendor for every successful sale or sign-up into the merchant’s program. It is a performed-based kind or marketing.

You can choose to promote low ticket affiliate programs or a high ticket paying affiliate programs. It all depends on your planning, goals, and niches.

how affilliate marketing works

How to start affiliate marketing on high paying affiliate programs?

First of all, decide if you want to be the vendor or the affiliate. In this article, I will be talking on how to be an affiliate.

  1. Proper mindset
  • This the most neglected part of the planning phase. A proper mindset is important to reach a goal. If you think that affiliate marketing is a get rich-quick-system then you are wrong. So make a time to channel your thoughts on the challenges you might be facing when starting your affiliate business.
  • Most of all believe in yourself. Believe that you can do it, as the famous quote says that “You fail because you quit”.
  • Get motivated. Think and reflect on your W’s. Why are you looking for an extra online income? For whom are you doing this (for yourself, family, for a better future)? Your reasons will be the motivation that will guide you in reaching your goals in life.

2. Find your niche

  • Take time to think about what niche will you be doing. Think of your passion, what you like to do, what are your strengths. Because if you like what you’re doing then you will likely be more motivated and more engaging to your niche.
  • Remember that you are starting a long term online business opportunity so it is better to connect your passion with your niche. The best affiliate marketing niches will be discussed below.

3. Find and join the affiliate program of your chosen niche.

  • Finding the best and well-established affiliate programs might be difficult and time-consuming because there are too many new and scam affiliate programs that have sprouted all over the internet.
  • It is important to make a research and read reviews, read the affiliate program itself before jumping into it. There’s a further discussion below about where to find affiliate programs to join.

Where to find high paying affiliate programs in different niches?

If you are a beginner in the internet marketing world, it is quite difficult to start affiliate marketing and finding the best affiliate marketing programs seems unending. I have summarized below affiliate marketing platforms and the best affiliate marketing programs to join in.

There are widely used platforms on where to find affiliate programs on different niches.

  1. Clickbank. Clickbank offers thousands of products on different niches. It is easy and free to join as an affiliate. Try finding a product with high gravity. Gravity according to Clickbank means the number of affiliates who made a sale during a period. So if the gravity is high then you know that that product is saleable and you can promote as well and have a slice of the pie, right?

2. Jv zoo. Just like Clickbank, Jv Zoo is a free marketplace to join. They also offer automation of online sale, marketing, and delivery. With thousands of products to choose from then, you will definitely find a good fit for you here. There are some affiliate products that you need to apply and get approval before you can promote them.

3. Warrior plus. Warrior plus is similar to Clickbank and JZ zoo. Free to sign-up, find the product you want to promote and request to be an affiliate from the vendor.

4. Amazon associates. You probably heard and used already the amazon platform to buy something online. Aside from the Amazon platform where people can sell their products, Amazon has an affiliate program as well.

Apply as an Amazon associates and you have countless of products on different niches to choose from to promote. What is good with Amazon is that they are very good at offering upsells, so you get a commission not just with the product you are promoting but for the total of what the customer has bought after check out.

5. ShareAsale. ShareAsale is another very good affiliate platform to join. They have been in the business for 19 years. ShareAsale is an affiliate marketing network. They offer a variety of products and services that you can apply to be an affiliate. You need to get approval from the merchant before you can start promoting the products and or services you have chosen.

Important things to consider finding an affiliate product.

  • Is the product sellable? Is there a huge market for the product? It is important to consider what type of product or services you are going to promote.
  • You want to promote something that will solve the problem. Example, there are people who are always looking for a solution on how to lose weight, on how to solve acne/ scars, on how to earn extra income, and many more.
  • Find a product that has recurring commissions. Recurring income is better than a one-time payment, right? Recurring commissions means you´ll be getting monthly commissions for as long as that person stays an active member or active customer on the product or service they signed -up for.
  • Does the vendor offer support and tools for their affiliates? This is very important especially if you are getting started on affiliate marketing, you need a support system from the company and or vendor. Even better if the vendor provides free training on how to market their products. Normally, vendors provide images, banners, videos or testimonials for the affiliates to use on their promotional.
  • Is the offer worldwide? It is better to find an affiliate program that you can market internationally. Targeting the international market is better, there are hungry buyers around the world looking for a product or services that will solve their problems.

Topmost profitable affiliate niches

Below are the best affiliate niches to promote. These are some of the profitable ones that are here to stay. There will always be people looking for solutions to their problems connected to these categories. There are other niches with huge markets but I chose these top 4 below. It is because there are many successful and experts in online business that encourages people to go with these niches.

  1. Health and fitness
  • Dietary supplements
  • Diets and weight loss
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Yoga
  • Mental health
  • …and so much more…

2. Wealth

  • affiliate marketing
  • e-commerce
  • forex trading
  • cryptocurrency
  • multi-level marketing
  • and other businesses.

3. Self-help

  • Dating guides
  • Marriage and relationships
  • Self-esteem
  • Stress management
  • …and so on…

4. Beauty

  • Beauty niche will always be a contender in the most profitable niches. People will always find a way and a solution on how to look good, stay young, how to have flawless skin, make-ups, anti-aging creams, whitening creams, and the like. The beauty industry has so much to offer and people will love to buy and try new products.

Most highly recommended best affiliate programs on the wealth niche

An affiliate beginner´s problem is how to look for the best affiliate programs to promote. I have some of the best affiliate programs below. These are affiliate platforms that a beginner on affiliate marketing can start with.

  1. Wealthy Affiliate. You will never go wrong with Wealthy Affiliate. I have discussed Wealthy Affiliate on my previous article, you can access it here. Wealthy Affiliate is highly recommended, especially for beginners. With WA’s awesome video training and support system from the company and the WA community, you will definitely learn a lot and will be ready to start your online business.

wealthy affiliate, best affiliate program

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2. Clickfunnels. You can read my Clickfunnels article here. Clickfunnels by Russell Brunson is a very useful tool in any niches. If you want to start and scale your business then this tool is the one for you. Increase your sales and traffic using different sales funnels and pages inside this awesome software.

You can generate leads, sell your products, follow-up funnels and so much more! They provide pre-built templates that you can edit or customize according to your business needs and goals.

Besides Russell Brunson is a trusted well-established name in the Wealth industry so you are definitely in good hands! Clickfunnels has different products ranging from free training, free books and they have high paying affiliate programs to join from. Think of it that Clickfunnels can pay the monthly down payment of your dream car on their Dream car challenge.

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3. Super Affiliate System by John Crestani. You might or might not heard of this but the Super affiliate system is a high ticket affiliate course by John Crestani. You can check Clickbank and you will find that this program has high gravity and is popular amongst affiliates to promote. John Crestani himself has made millions on his online business.

In addition to that, Super Affiliate System is offered in different languages so it’s a plus factor if you want to market it non-English-speaking countries. The super affiliate program is one of the best high paying affiliate program you can join. John Crestani has a free webinar on how to start affiliate marketing and you can access it here.

super affiliate system by john crestani, best affiliate course program, how to make money online

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4. Clickbank University.

Known as CBU is Clickbank’s own high converting affiliate program to help both their vendor and affiliates find success inside Clickbank so this is definitely legit and not a scam.

CBU has awesome recurring commissions and is very popular on the e-commerce and e-marketing category of Clickbank. Clickbank University has two sections of the course. One on how to become a successful affiliate and the other one is on how to become a successful vendor. That depends on what you choose to start or do on your online business. If you have products or services to offer then go for the vendor program.

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5. Commission Hero.

Commission Hero is an additional course that I am promoting lately. I have been a member for few months now and I have seen how their system works. Personally, Commission Hero is one of the best affiliate marketing programs available in the market. Click the sign-up button below to watch the free webinar.

Infact Commission Hero course creator is Clickbank´s #1 Affiliate marketer Robby Blanchard. I have written a full review about this course and you can read it here. 

Commission hero  review 2020

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Promoting affiliate programs; Free and paid traffic

Another affiliate problem, especially for beginners, is getting traffic. Luckily we have almost all type of platforms we can use on today´s digital world. You can make use of different social media platforms and forums to start marketing your chosen niche for free. But if you have the budget and want to scale your online business right away then you are free to do so. Below are some of the platforms you can get traffic with.

1. Facebook. Facebook can be either free or paid. You can promote on your Facebook page or profile or better if you have your own Facebook group then you can generate leads for free. If you want to scale then you can do Facebook ads.

2. Blog. Start a website with a domain related to your niche and start writing valuable blogs for your audience. Starting a website is not free but in the long run, as you develop your website and post more articles related to your niche then you are getting free traffic. You can check my article about blogging here.

3. Pinterest. Oh, I love Pinterest, It’s free traffic! Free to sign-up and start making your boards and pins with your affiliate link directing your followers/ audience to your affiliate program. Try to find and follow people on your niche and post regularly to grow your followers.

4. Instagram. Can be paid or free. Open an Instagram account to post something about your niche and grow your followers to have free traffic. You can also contact influencers in your niche to promote your affiliate program.

5. Google ads or Bing ads. Just like Facebook ads, this is paid traffic. You can choose to do so depending on your allotted budget for your online business.

6. Udimi. Udimi is paid traffic. Here you can find sellers who will promote your affiliate link, or this is also known as solo ads.

7. Forums. You can join different forums and start a discussion or answer questions related to your niche. Make sure not to spam the forum just by posting your affiliate link. Consider adding value and be helpful and honest to answer the questions before adding up some links.

8. YouTube. This platform is very effective in gaining organic and paid traffic. You can make your own YouTube channel under your niche and start providing valuable contents. If you don’t like to make your own YouTube channel then you can advertise on YouTube just like any other advertisement platforms.

9. Twitter. Similar to Instagram and Pinterest, you can open your twitter account and grow your list to have some organic leads.

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Disclaimer. I am not in any way connected to any of the personalities and companies mentionen above. I am an independent affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick system. If you are looking for an easy way to get rich then you are on the wrong page. Just like any other businesses, affiliate marketing needs your investment on time, effort and money. Affiliate marketing commissions varies on many factors. Work hard, stay focus and believe in yourself to attain your goal.


This is an affiliate website since I am an affiliate marketer. My blogs and or articles contains affiliate links from different affiliate programs I have joined. When a reader click on my links and decided to buy, sign-up under my link then I get a commission WITHOUT any additional expense from the reader or audience.