What is Canva?

So what is Canva and Canva Pro, and why do you need Canva? In this blog post, we will discuss Canva, Canva pricing, Canva for business, and individuals and so much more.

Canva was founded on 1 January 2012 in Sydney, Australia. It is a platform for graphic designs where users can access tools and features to easily make and or create images, logos, videos, thumbnails, presentations, and many more.

If you are looking for a platform to design your logo for your brands, presentations, social media posts, letters, and the like then you must give Canva a try. It is very easy to use and user friendly. It has lots of drag and drops features, millions of images, countless templates to use where I will be discussing in-depth below.


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How to use Canva to create eye-catching images for your blog and social media platform post.

Canva offers a variety of templates to choose from, depending on your niche and what your goal is. You can easily create viral Pinterest pins and viral Instagram posts with Canva. As mentioned earlier, Canva has countless photos to choose from basically they have photos on all niches or topics.

Canva dashboard

On your dashboard, you can easily browse on the drop-down menu what image you want to create for. Or you can easily type on the search bar what you want the image for, then it will automatically give you a blank space with its preferred measurement.

Remember every social media has its preferred size. With Canva it will automatically give you a blank space with its proper image size depending on what image you are creating for.

You can also customize the size or image pixel according to your preferences. All these are easily done on their user-friendly dashboard drag and drop features.

Canva for image creation

Who is Canva for?

Canva is basically for everyone who wants to create beautiful images and logos for their business, blogs, social media platforms, etc. Businesses are using images that will get their audience’s attention. Customers will better be engaged in your brand, business, posts, etc if you will show them designs that will catch their attention.

So if you want to engage more with your audience then Canva is the best design platform to try.

  • for business owners who want to create branding and or logo
  • for bloggers who want to make eye-catching images
  • for e-commerce who wants to make a brochure or presentations of their products
  • for Pinterest pinners
  • for influencers or for social media platform users who want to make beautiful viral images and videos
  • for students who want to make and design projects
  • for teachers and or presenters who want to make beautiful presentations and lesson plans
  • for YouTubers who want to create intros, outros, and YouTube thumbnails
  • for graphic designers who wants to create outstanding images and logos for their clients
  • for cook or chiefs who want to make menus

What is Canva for?

  • Facebook post
  • Facebook ads
  • Facebook video ads
  • Instagram Post
  • Pinterest pins
  • Pinterest video
  • Images for blogs
  • YouTube thumbnails
  • YouTube intros, outros
  • animated social media posts
  • and any other social media posts

Canva is a platform for creating outstanding graphic designs and presentations. You can do anything inside Canva. Below is just a few of what you can create.

  • flyers
  • brochures
  • images for any social media platforms
  • infographics
  • presentations
  • invitations
  • business cards
  • posters
  • book cover
  • certificates
  • labels
  • ticket
  • coupons
  • media kit
  • invoice
  • lesson plans
  • newsletter
  • letterhead
  • menu
  • cards of all kind and occasion
  • photo collages
  • mind maps
  • graphs and charts


What is the cost of Canva and Canva Pro? Pricing and free plan

Canva has 3 plans. They offer a free plan, Pro Plan, and the enterprise. Depending on your needs, business plan, and goals then you can start first with the Free plan and move to Pro plan as your business grows and as your individual needs grow. I have been using the free plan for quite a long time before I move to the pro plan.

The free plan still offers a lot of templates and photos to use in any niche but of course, there are features that can only be accessed on the paid plan.

The Canva Pro plan is cheaper if you pay it annually as compared to monthly. Check the comparison below.

Canva pricing. Free and paid plan

You can use the free plan for as long as you like. In addition to that Canva offers a free trial for Canva Pro for 30 days. With Canva pro free trial, you can access all Canva Pro features for free for 30 days and see and try it for yourself before you decide if the Canva Pro plan something for you or not.

What is good with the Free 30-day Canva Pro trial is that you can add your team and use Canva Pro features for free until the end of the trial. So it is easier to collaborate with your team especially if you are using Canva for business purposes and business growth.

Try Canva Pro Free 30-day trial here

What is Canva for Enterprise?

If you have a large business team, an organization, franchise, and other big entities then the Canva for Enterprise is for you. But if you are a blogger, small business owner, then the free plan and Canva Pro is best suited for your needs.

Canva features and tools

  1. Easy drag and drop functionality. User friendly.
  2. Countless fonts to choose from
  3. Easy to edit templates for any business and niches
  4. Thousands of free photos
  5. Collaboration- this feature is best if you have a team or a group in the business so your team can easily share and create ideas together. Your design as the primary user or owner will always be private unless you will share it with your team.
  6. Pre-defined image and video pixels
  7. Offers a variety of templates for other projects like a card, brochures, invitations, resumes and the like
  8. Awesome video templates to use and edit according to your preferences
  9. A free plan that you can use as long as you want.
  10. Ipad app- you can choose to download this Ipad app feature and create your designs on the go.

How to use Canva?

Sign-up a free account on Canva. You can start and try the free plan first. Make a plan according to your business needs and go to your Canva dashboard.

Step 1: Choose your project, or what you want to make the image for. According to your choice, Canva will provide a predefined image or video size. You can customize the size if you want to.

How to create image with Canva


Step 2: Choose your template on the left side of your dashboard. There are tons of Canva templates to choose from even with the free plan.

Canva Template

Step 3: Edit your template. You can easily drag and drop free images, choose fonts, add texts, etc on your template. You can also upload your photos and videos.

Furthermore, if you are creating images and videos or presentations for your brand, then you can also add your brand logo on your image or video.

Voila! Now you have an awesome image to use! Below is an example of what I made for Instagram post example purposes only. As you can see in my finished image, I added my website and logo. That is what I mean with branding.

Canva example image

You can also add emojis, animations, charts, graphs, drawings, music, and many more.

Step 4: Download and share your finished design. Your awesome design is now ready to go viral. You can download and save your design first or you can directly publish it on social media.

Yes, you can directly publish your design on your social media platforms. Just simply integrate them with your Canva account and you’re good to go.

Easy right? That’s how user-friendly Canva is. If you think you need a tutorial on how to use this platform then there are video tutorials to watch and customer service that you can contact.

You can create as many images, videos, projects, etc. as many as you want.

Conclusion: Canva is a very user-friendly graphics design platform that you can use as an individual as a business or as a large organization. Create beautiful designs that will get your audience to engage in your business, posts, pins, and any other project designs that you can create with Canva.

Canva offers tons of templates that you can easily edit. Various images and templates that cover different niches, topics, and ideas.

I am using Canva for my blogs, Pinterest pins, Instagram posts, and my Facebook post. Canva is the platform you can go to create designs and videos either for personal use, school, or business purposes. You can create almost any designs and videos inside Canva. From letters, résumé, cards, social media posts, videos, to name a few.

So why exactly do you need Canva? Well, because people’s attention can be caught with a single eye-catching image, an engaging video can easily go viral. You can create anything with Canva that is why you need to use and give this design platform a try.

Canva offers a free plan that you can use unlimited, a Canva Pro for businesses and Canva enterprise for large organizations and or franchises. Visually catch your audience’s attention with beautiful images and videos you can create with Canva, so sign-up for a free Canva account now.


This is an affiliate website since I am an affiliate marketer. My blogs and or articles contain affiliate links from different affiliate programs I have joined. When a reader clicks on my links and decided to buy, sign-up under my link then I get a commission WITHOUT any additional expense from the reader or audience.