In this article, I will be talking about the social media platform and visual search engine called Pinterest. I will be covering the basics of Pinterest and I will be concentrating more on the business side. In-depth details of Pinterest for business purposes will be covered like how to use Pinterest to promote your business, how to use Pinterest to drive organic traffic to your website and many more other Pinterest business topics. First, we´ll take a look at what is Pinterest is all about.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is well-known as a visual search engine. People search Pinterest for ideas and topics that they are looking for. Since Pinterest offers a wide variety of ideas and topics, people would love to use it for finding specific ideas that they want to save and do.

It is a social media platform that features different images and or photos of different ideas, topics, and inspiration. Pinterest is a fast-growing search engine. You can find different visual inspiration in Pinterest that covers from recipes, home decors, arts, DIY inspirations and many more. Ideas and topics can range from DIY topics to decors, tattoo ideas, wedding dresses, gift ideas for different occasions, costumes and tons and tons of ideas you can think of.

Pinterest offers a wide variety of images that people can find inspiration from. It is not limited to a single idea but covers also personal to business topics.

Creating an account on Pinterest is easy, just like any other social media platform, you can sign-up with your valid e-mail address or you have the option also to sign-up using a Facebook account or Google account.

Pinterest for personal use

Pinterest for personal use. People can sign-up for a free account on Pinterest. If you want to use Pinterest for personal purposes then you can open a personal account to follow, bookmark or find ideas, recipes and inspiration that you are looking for. You can follow people´s profiles to get updated if they will post new pins or make new boards.

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for business. If you have a business then you can sign-up for a business profile on Pinterest to have access to business features that is not available on personal account. Just like the personal account, business profile lets you follow and or post pins and make boards featuring images of your products or any business service you want to promote.

Furthermore, you can promote or advertise your business on Pinterest.

What is a Pinterest board and a Pinterest pin?

On Pinterest, you make boards that will feature different pins. You can make boards according to different topics, ideas or niches. Under every board, you can then pin images or photos related to the topic of your board. Since Pinterest is a visual search engine then it is advisable to make eye-catching pins. Moreover, Pinterest is a search engine so make use of keywords to describe your board title and use keywords to write a description of your pins. This will help to get your boards and pins come out in the search engine if people will search for topics that are related to your boards and pins.

Make sure to choose the category of your board when making one. If you don´t find a specific category for your board, you can simply choose “others”.

Under every board, you have also the option to make sections, you can make different sections inside your board that will organize your pins into more specific categories.

If your main purpose on Pinterest is for business then there are important things to consider. There is a secret tool that will let you make eye-catching images and I will discuss it below.

Pinterest for driving organic traffic to your website or blog

If you have an online or offline business then you can make use of Pinterest to drive organic traffic to your website or blog. You can make use of Pinterest to promote your products. There are things to consider in using Pinterest to successfully drive free traffic to your website and to promote your business using Pinterest.

1. Make use of rich keyword titles for your boards and rich keyword descriptions of your pins.

    1. As I mentioned earlier that Pinterest is a visual search engine, then it makes sense that you should have keywords in your title and your pin descriptions. This will make it easier for Pinterest to know what topic or ideas you are promoting and Pinterest can show your boards and pins once people search for a specific topic that is under your niche and category.


2. There are free and paid keyword research tools you can use.

      1. Google keyword planner (Free)
      2. Ubersuggest (Free)
      3. Jaaxy (Free and paid plan)
      4. SemRush (Free trial and paid plan)

3. Frequent and or regular pinning.

4. Make eye-catching images. 

The tools for the pinning automatization and eye-catching images will be discussed further below. We will be using Canva for beautiful pin images and Tailwind for the pinning automation.

What is Canva?

You can easily make beautiful images for your Pinterest boards and pins using the tool called Canva. Canva is not limited to Pinterest but you can almost make any attention-grabbing photos for any social media posting like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Cover letters, YouTube thumbnails and many more. What is good in using Canva is that they have pre-defined sizes depending on the social media you want to post the image. Meaning, the size is accepted or the size is according to the required dimensions of every social media posting requirement.

Canva is free to use, although they have a PRO version, still, the free version is enough to start with. Canva offers free and paid photos and templates under its stock. You can use the free photos and templates but if you want to use the paid photos and templates that are all up to you and your preferences for your business images.

You can easily customized photos and templates according to your taste. You can even add your own photo and logo if you want to. It is a beginner and user-friendly to use. They have drag and drop options.



What Is Tailwind? 

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When it comes to auto-scheduling of my Pinterest and Instagram account, I highly recommend Tailwind. Tailwind makes it easier for users to schedule pins and posting on both Pinterest and Instagram. You can even connect your Facebook account and Twitter account to Tailwind and have the option to share on those social media platforms as well.

Tailwind offers a free trial account, no credit card needed. You can upgrade your Tailwind anytime if you want to. With the free account, there is a limit of drafts submission for the posting automatization as compared to the paid plan that you can submit unlimited photos or images that will be scheduled for your social media posting.

Inside Tailwind, there is a community called TRIBES. Tribes make it even better to reach a wider audience. You can browse and request to follow a tribe. The free plan gives you up to 5 Tribes to be a member. Under Tribes, you can submit a post for other people inside that tribe to share. Then you can also find other people´s posts to share in return. It is a give and take community that will benefit both parties.



Why use Tailwind? Why is Tailwind important?

  • Save Time: You can submit images and let Tailwind do the scheduling and posting. Tailwind gives you also the option to share your post on different boards. Aside from that, you can choose to submit that post on your different tribes for them to share. It´s like submit it now and forget it, let Tailwind do the rest.
  • Maximize your Reach: Based on your audience engagement on your social media accounts, Tailwind will schedule postings according to that. You do not need to guess when and what time for your post to get posted.
  • Measure Success: You can see the statistics or post engagement on Tailwind´s analytics and insights so you can see what post gets more engagement and tweak it or scale it and you can edit or change the ones that are not working for you.
  • Schedule like a Pro:
  • Be More Informed: When posting on Instagram, Tailwind will show you some hashtags that you can use. What´s even better is you can see hashtags that are competitive, best or good to use. With the hashtag finder, you can reach more people and use hashtags that are best according to Tailwind´s hashtag suggestion.
  • Be More Efficient: You can be more efficient in posting on Pinterest and Instagram by using Tailwind. As mentioned earlier you can even post the same post on your Facebook or Twitter account by connecting these two to your Tailwind account. You are then targeting a wider audience in just a single platform.
  • Affordable: or you can try the free plan first so you can get used to it and understand what´s inside Tailwinds´ dashboard.

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