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What is Wealthy Affiliate? An honest review

I am going to discuss Wealthy affiliate and give my general review and verdict at the end of this article. My review is based on my personal experience. It means I have tried this program before I will give my final verdict.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded by Kyle and Carson back in 2005. It is a well-known online training platform and community that helps people learn affiliate marketing. In fact, Wealthy affiliate’s community has growing millions of marketers and entrepreneurs. It provides a step by step video pieces of training with to-do list so you are really building your business while watching and going through the course.



Inside the Online Entrepreneur Certification course of Wealthy affiliate

Online Entrepreneur certification has 5 level courses with different lessons under each course.

Level 1- has 10 lessons that cover the following

  • getting rolling
  • Understanding how to make money online
  • Choosing a niche
  • Building your own niche website
  • Setting up your own website
  • Getting your site ready for search engines
  • Creating your own website content
  • Creating your custom menus on your website
  • Understanding keywords
  • Website set up and ready for the next step

Level 2- The ultimate traffic training with 10 lessons that will walk you through no cost traffic generation techniques that will allow you to capture highly relevant traffic in any niche. (Level 2 is available for Premium members)

  • Getting your own, highly brandable domain
  • Carving out a long term “vision” in the early stages of your business
  • Creating keyword-rich content that rankings in Google.
  • Setting up a domain-specific email account
  • Traffic breakdown
  • Making use of visuals
  • Understanding the Low Hanging Fruit method
  • Making face as a real person
  • Amplifying your productivity
  • Boosting your affiliate ranks

Level 3- In this course with 10 lessons they are going to walk you through a number of ways you can monetize your site.

  • Understanding the MONEY in online business
  • Understanding affiliate programs and networks
  • Relevant affiliate programs
  • Adding affiliate links to your pages
  • Instant access to a million products
  • Leveraging product reviews
  • Getting paid for ads on your site
  • Earning pennies or dollars?
  • A brilliant way to track and understand your traffic
  • With help comes financial success

Level 4- Incorporating a Sound tweeting campaign. In this course, you will learn to socially engage on twitter, set up a twitter account, and so much more.

Level 5- On this course, you are going to extend your skills and knowledge in everything from the initial research process, the content layout/architecture/structuring, content engagement, boosting conversions through proven successful techniques, and scaling.

  • Content is your business
  • Setting up Google master tools
  • Improving indexing times and speed
  • People need to read your content
  • Realistic breakdown of your traffic potential
  • Writing within a devised plan architecture
  • Writing your content with conversion intent
  • Injecting comments with the intent
  • Improve Bing and Yahoo search rankings
  • Articulating a plan

Affiliate Bootcamp

  • Aside from the Online Entrepreneur Certification, Wealthy Affiliate offers an affiliate boot camp with 7 different phases of video course to follow. This is, of course, scaling the knowledge and business you have started on the Online Entrepreneur Certification course

My Training Activity

  • Under this training are different training course provided by the founders of WA themselves or other expert members of the community.

Training HQ

  • This is like a classroom inside the Wealthy Affiliate training course. Just like on the Training Activity, this has different videos on different topics to choose from. You can access it anytime and you can choose what topic to watch.

Wealthy Affiliate membership option and features

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Wealthy affiliate as a web host builder

Not only does Wealthy affiliate offer a guided step by step training for beginners about affiliate marketing they also host domains. You can search, register and host your domain with Wealthy affiliate without any extra cost (you need to pay your domain of course). Wealthy affiliate uses Word press with free themes to choose from.

Wealthy affiliate has a website manager where you can monitor your site health, see pending comments, Google index and so much more.

Integration inside Wealthy affiliates

On top of that awesome web host builder, Wealthy affiliate is integrated with grammar checker and Jaaxy keyword research tool so you don’t need to look outside the box for additional tools. Unless of course if you prefer to use other tools.

As you start to build your site and write valuable contents for your readers, you need a tool to check your content. And you can easily do that with one click of wealthy affiliate’s grammar checker.

Another important tool for your blog is a keyword research tool. A keyword research tool helps you to search for words that have a high search volume on different search engines. Every blogger wants to be indexed and rank on these search engines by writing a blog rich in keywords. The good thing is WA has Jaaxy keyword research tool integrated with them.

Jaaxy keyword research tool has

  • Site rank (monitor your rank)
  • My keyword list (create and manage your keyword list)
  • Search analysis
  • Alphabet soup
  • Brainstorm HQ
  • Affiliate programs
  • Niche keyword list

Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program


Wealthy Affiliate focuses on affiliate marketing thus WA has it’s own affiliate program. Their affiliate program features a recurring commission, meaning as long as your referral stays active as a paying member then you continuously earn a commission from it. If your referral decided to stop and come back again later on, then you will still be the affiliate that earns a commission from it. How cool is that?

Aside from commissions, Wealthy affiliate offers an all paid Super Affiliate Conference once you achieve 300 Premium Referrals in a calendar year. Earn an invitation to hang out with Kyle, Carson, and others on this all-paid private conference for referring 300 paying premium referrals. It gets getting better right? I could not imagine how much knowledge you’ll be getting from the successful founder themselves! Awesome!


Wealthy affiliate; An honest review from a Premium user

  • Highly recommended especially for beginners
  • User-friendly
  • Over the shoulder video training
  • The best support system from the company
  • The best support system from the WA community
  • Affordable Premium plan
  • Live webinars
  • Web builder with WordPress
  • Domain hosting
  • Search and buy domain within WA
  • Keyword research tool integration with Jaaxy
  • Has a good affiliate program
  • All in one!

Wealthy affiliate is packed with knowledge and support both from the company and from the community. There are live events that are hosted by the founders themselves or from the members of the community. On top of that, there’s a live chat and help center. So what else can you ask for?


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